Gemini and Virgo Love Match Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo CompatibilityGemini and Virgo individuals are not typically the best match for there is difference in the manner in which they act and react to their surroundings. While both partners interact well at an intellectual level, as they have much interest in learning about new things, there is variation in what holds their interests. While a Gemini is a fun – spirited person who will want to know a little bit about everything, a Virgo wants to be a little more than the proverbial jack – of – all – trades and know a fair amount about everything. Thus, on a first date, the two may appear to hit it off together, but further interactions change thing things.

When in a relationship, Gemini and Virgo are sexually compatibly and their physical attraction to each other never dies. However, while they are agreeable in the bedroom, problems occur outside. The Gemini will not pay much attention to detail which fuels the Virgo assumption that the partner’s knowledge is lacking and superficial. On the other hand, the silent critique from the Virgo is easily apparent to the observant Gemini who does not appreciate such hasty evaluation. 

The Gemini and Virgo match are fundamentally different in terms of their outlook in life. While the Gemini-born loves to explore, do things on impulse and live in the moment, Virgos like stability, well planned events and the comfort of familiar surroundings.

This divergent nature leads the Gemini to think their partner is a complacent stick – in – the – mud, and the Virgo to believe that the Gemini – born is an unorganised, impulsive fool. While a Gemini with Virgo relationship is unlikely to be a success if both do not put in much effort, it can be a long drawn liaison if both partners establish means to deal with their differences.  

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility Tips: 

The Gemini and Virgo couple has several issues to work upon. Both need to accept that they are essentially different human beings, with personalities and behavioural tendencies that are hardly concurrent. They must respect these differences and ensure that there is no inclination to force change upon one another.

The Virgo has to avoid any nature of condescending critique; while the Gemini must pay heed to their partner’s well thought out strategies. If both partners try to learn from each other, instead of devoting their energies in fighting with each other, then their relationship may have a future.  

In this relationship, since compatibility does not appear to be naturally present, both partners must devote their time and energy in trying to make things work out. Their issues are not typically those that will ‘take care of themselves’. The Gemini and Virgo individuals will have establish ways in which to communicate their feeling to one another in a manner that is least offending to their partner. With sufficient amount of effort and consideration, the Gemini and Virgo relationship may be a success. 

Gemini and Virgo Famous Couples: 

Some famous Gemini with Virgo celebrity couples are: Hugh Grant (Virgo) and Elizabeth Hurley (Gemini), Sarah O’Hare (Gemini) and Lachlan Murdoch (Virgo), Helena Bonham Carter (Gemini) and Tim Burton (Virgo), Courteney Cox (Gemini) and David Arquette (Virgo)

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