Gemini and Scorpio Love Match Compatibility

Gemini and Scorpio CompatibilityThe relationship between Gemini and Scorpio is like air amalgamating with water. Both of them are completely opposite to each other and it means in every aspect. This match is very complicated as Scorpio is very sensitive and emotional who craves for a long term commitment whereas Gemini cannot get attached to the opposite gender as relationships are shallow for them.

Gemini and Scorpio compatibility is like North Pole meeting South Pole because they both have completely different notions about each other. Gemini may find Scorpio to be too clingy, intense and highly demanding whereas Scorpio strongly feels that Gemini is immature and irresponsible. People say that opposites attract, but this combination can be the opposite.

Gemini is flirty in nature and can make a Scorpio’s head fume with jealousy and possessiveness. Gemini might feel trapped and smothered by the utter tightfistedness of Scorpio. Scorpio always looks for stability, but Gemini is a free bird who does not want to stay in Scorpio’s cage. Gemini is highly fervent about everything and may not be able to appreciate Scorpio’s envious and vindictive conduct.

Gemini loves socializing whereas Scorpio likes being mysterious and tends to seek confidentiality. To give their story a perfect happily ever after would be challenging but both are amazingly charming and can attract the opposite sex effortlessly. Though, their laws of attraction might be different. Scorpio uses the wand of mystery, passion and intensity whereas Gemini does the trick with poise and confidence. The good thing about the Gemini with Scorpio match is that they entice each other like iron and magnets. Even though they are opposite, they find that highly irresistible.

Gemini loves to explore everything under the sunshine but loses interest after some time whereas Scorpio follows his inquisitiveness and chases it till he finds the real truth. They have a plethora of topics to argue about and sometimes, it can be never ending. God save this match!

Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility tips:

Gemini and Scorpio may not be a perfect combination but there is a lot of curiosity and conspiracy between them. Scorpio being highly intense and Gemini being negligent can be a disaster but there are high chances of things to work between them. Efforts need to be put to understand each other. Understanding is the basic key for every relationship, and so, they both have to work hard on that.

If they have a strong liking but things are not working, they need to compromise. Scorpio has to stop being dominating and Gemini should be steady to make it work. Gemini needs a straight answer, but Scorpio likes being secretive which they need to give up.

Communication is the best way to heal wounds. Gemini and Scorpio should sit down and sort out their real issues in life. Gemini needs to realize what they want in life as they do not like stability in a relationship. If they are thinking of a relationship with a Scorpio, they should give up their laidback attitude and become more serious towards the choices they make in life. Whereas, Scorpio should give Gemini their space and have faith in their partner, as Faith is the base of every relationship.

For maintaining a healthy relationship, Gemini and Scorpio need to let go off their self-centred attitude. And once they do, life will be beautiful.

Gemini and Scorpio Famous Couples:

Some of the famous couples who have Gemini with Scorpio combination:Famous Couples: Leonardo DiCaprio (Scorpio) and Bar Refaelli (Gemini)

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