Gemini and Pisces Love Match Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces CompatibilityThe Gemini and Pisces compatibility is dependent upon the extent of their resilience in trying to make the relationship work. Both partners are usually willing to adjust and compromise to accommodate the needs and aspirations of the other. However, there is little overlapping ground in their personality traits that sometimes hampers their ability to deal with issues. While the Gemini is the pragmatic thinker, Pisces individuals think from the heart.

They are sensitive and caring, and are often put off by their partner’s rather clinical approach to everything. With the Gemini – born being a free spirited and rather oblivious to other’s feeling, the sensitive Pisceans tend to get upset with their thoughtless ways.

Another divergence in the Gemini and Pisces nature is that while the former enjoys variety and is easily bored, the latter is always firm and unmoving in their choice or resolve. As a result the Gemini gets bored easily and is easily distracted from matters that require protracted attention, which may be irksome to the Piscean partner. Sexually, the Piscean is a shy lover, which the Gemini partner is perfectly fine with. However, when the initial novelty beginning to vane, the Gemini born may soon lose interest and look elsewhere to satisfy their desires.

In the Gemini and Pisces relationship, the Piscean need for constant adoration may be a major irritant for the partner. The Gemini – born often feels smothered and tied down with the Piscean desire for their continual attention and vague – seeming expectations. While they prefer to go out and enjoy, the Pisces born will always want to have a good time in seclusion and isolation.

This clash of interests can also lead to a rift between the couple. However, with a determined effort to establish a good rapport and understanding of each other, the Gemini with Pisces relationship can be a success.

Gemini and Pisces Compatibility Tips:

In the Gemini and Pisces relationship, both partners must work upon the need to understand the other’s perspective and thought process. While the Gemini – born must learn to be more sensitive about the feelings of their Piscean partner, the latter must cultivate the habit to not object to the Gemini’s flamboyant ways.

Both must realize that their relationship will be successful if they try and accept each other’s flaws and peculiarities rather than try to force a change. A fair amount of selfless cooperation will help the couple remain happy.

The Piscean partner needs to let go of the small little things that upset them for the Gemini – born is most certainly inept at paying heed to the smallest details. On the other hand, the Gemini individual must ensure that they are attentive to the needs of their partner and are able to quell their insecurities.

If both individuals want their liaison to have a future, they must put their egos aside and communicate the desires to another in blatant terms right in the beginning. Over time, compromise and accommodation will lead to a healthy, long lasting relationship.

Gemini and Pisces Famous Couples:

Drew Barrymore (Pisces) and Fabrizio Moretti (Gemini), Kim Clijsters (Gemini) and Lleyton Hewitt (Pisces), Sid Vicious (Gemini) and Nancy Spungeon (Pisces), Donald Trump (Gemini) and Ivana Trump (Pisces), Drew Barrymore (Pisces) and Justin Long (Gemini), Erykah Badu (Pisces) and Andre 3000 (Gemini).

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