Gemini and Leo Love Match Compatibility

Gemini and Leo CompatibilityGemini and Leo is a good combination in terms of Astrology as they both live life to the fullest. Both the signs are adventurous and like having fun, which makes them compatible. They might strike a conversation and talk about it for hours as they like each other’s company a lot. Gemini has wide-ranging interests which may not go well with Leo. Leo may be egoistic and Gemini is bitter sometimes which can lead to a volcanic eruption. Gemini is straightforward which may hurt Leo’s ego.

Gemini and Commitment have no connection. Gemini cannot be in a relationship as they like being free whereas Leo is capable of having a long lasting relationship and they stick to everything they are close to. Leo wants stability and Gemini wants to be a free bird which is a big clash. Leo is good at heart and does not take things to heart. They forgive easily which is an advantage for Gemini.

Gemini is too direct which can hurt Leo but as they forgive easily, it will not be a big issue. Both of them can teach great lessons of life such as Gemini can teach Leo’s how to relax and have fun whereas Gemini can teach how to be generous and friendly. They both give each other a lot of freedom which Gemini’s always craves for. This combination can be a strong one if both the signs work on their relationship. Gemini can be so spontaneous that they might surprise Leo every moment of their lives.

But the drawback here is that they are absent minded and can never take love seriously. But considering Gemini and Leo have the same likings: spending lavishly, socializing, making friends and purchasing posh things. You can never hate a Gemini as they may goof up sometimes but then they have several other traits which can melt a Leo’s heart.

Gemini and Leo Compatibility tips:

Every relationship has their share of bad weathers and that is foreseeable. Gemini with Leo is a great combination but Gemini needs to calm down a little. Gemini is the adolescent sign in the zodiac; they get bored of relationships easily which might make Leo a little insecure.

Gemini is naïve and does not take love seriously – in fact, they do not take any relationship seriously. For them, life is very simple. If Leo is thinking of a relationship with a Gemini, they should be ready for both absolute happiness and absolute misery. However, if Leo succeeds in making their Gemini partner faithful, then life will be blissful.

Gemini is great partners – both for life and sexual activities. Try and give Gemini their space as they cannot bear stinginess. Being a Leo, you need to understand that Gemini loves freedom and once it is taken away, they drift apart forever. For Gemini, they need to take things a little easy and start thinking of commitment. Gemini should understand that one day they have to be with someone – someone they love and that their negligence would make it worse. Despite of all the I-want-freedom issues, Gemini and Leo is a great combination and can have a very successful relationship.

Gemini and Leo Famous couple:

John F. Kennedy (Gemini) and Jacqueline Kennedy (Leo)

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