Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman CompatibilityA Capricorn man and a Pisces woman makes a perfect couple as she is likely to be fallen for a Capricorn’s aura of conviction and strong mindedness; Whereas he would get drawn by the vulnerability and hospitality of her. A Capricorn man is devoted to his family, work and friends and expects his lover to accompany him. He is a resolute thinker and highly ambitious- Selfish at times but only in professional life. Consist of generous doses of chivalry, gallantry and respect for others.

In a relationship, he wants a complete woman as his life partner with all the charms and tricks. The characteristic profile of a Pisces woman includes an odd mix of emotion with stability, romance with sensibility, bright and gentle. You would often find her swimming in a pool of dreams inside her mind.

When it comes to compatibility of Capricorn male and Pisces female, vulnerability is also one of the traits found in her characteristic profile which no man can neglect no matter if he is a Capricorn. When she is in a relationship, she gives full authority of herself and honor to her man. She appreciates all those qualities of her Capricorn lover as she lacks in them. Whenever he is in depression she feels needed and that ignites her confidence. But at a certain stage her dreamy attitude might confuse and annoy her partner.

A Capricorn man’s attitude of following and inculcating rules in his daily regime is what that inspires and let to admire him by his lover. He is very poor while expressing his love to her verbally but physically his action says everything. But he needs to learn expressing himself verbally or he would be breaking his lover fragile heart and wouldn’t even know about it since a Pisces woman needs to be assured that she is been taken care of and loved by her partner. There is no big deal as ups and downs are a part of every relationship but in case of them, if they are able to learn to understand each other emotionally then this can strengthen their bond even more- A sign of a perfect match.

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