Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man CompatibilityThe relationship and compatibility between Capricorn man and Cancer woman is well balanced in a way that both have equal amount of similarities and dissimilarities between them. That is why you can say that it is an even and balanced relationship which has equal chances of survival as well as getting extinct. It is a compatible duet which has affection and dedication as the base of the relationship.

Capricorn man is highly ambitious and works towards achieving his goals with all the magnitude and commitment. You can say that he is most dependable and reliable person in the times of trouble. He is very traditional in approach and loves to see his woman with all the feminine qualities and he might not be expressive in his love, but for him his friends and family are very important. The love for his family and shy nature is what attracts the Cancer woman towards him.

On the other hand a Cancer woman is also a truly dedicated woman with all the feminine demure which a woman should possess. She likes being emotionally and financially secured in life and wants a perfect house with all the basic comforts of life, which the Capricorn man is efficient enough to provide her. Once her expectations which are just common needs are fulfilled she shows all her devotion and loyalty towards the Capricorn man.

Initially there might not be that fatal attraction between the two but, when the relationship progresses it develops into magnificent relationship. There love and compatibility is very smooth flowing which is full of trust and fortitude. Their sexual relationship is soft and tender with wide range of changes in it from being erotic to affectionate.

They enjoy each other’s intimacy to the apex and the kind of sex drive Capricorn male possesses excites Cancer female the most. Although there are varied and numerous differences in their relationship, but they are able to sort them out with mutual understanding and love. Humbleness and expressions of feelings towards each other can make their relation more sustainable and they can achieve more heights by supporting each other both professionally as well as personally.

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