Capricorn and Pisces Love Match Compatibility

Capricorn and Pisces CompatibilityCapricorn and Pisces share a relationship that is contrasting and definitely proves the theory of ‘opposite poles attract each other’. So their relation is compatible and complementary to each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

A Capricorn or goat is practical minded, organized and disciplined. Pisces or the fish is a dreamer and moody. Since a Capricorn is not extrovert in nature, in a Pisces-Capricorn relation it is the Pisces who communicates more and keeps the relation lively. Well that definitely does not mean that Capricorns are boring. A Capricorn is affectionate but fails to physically display the affection.

A Pisces goes all out to help someone and does not mind bringing trouble to oneself where as a Capricorn is materialistic and would think a hundred times before going for any act. This brings in conflict because the Piscean thinks the partner to be selfish. On the other hand the Capricorn thinks that the frivolous decisions of the partner would result into disturbance and disorder in life.

A Pisces is creative and artistic. So a Pisces- Capricorn house is decorative and a lot of the monthly budget is allotted for art and aesthetics of the home. This for a Capricorn might be wastage but for a Piscean it gives a sense of warmth in the house. While a Pisces showers all the love outwardly making the partner feel secure, a Capricorn on the other hand is dutiful and loyal to the relation giving the Pisces individual a comfort zone. 

These differences sometimes create conflict when they fail to understand the behavioural patterns of their partners but by and large they share a compatible relation. The best part in the two is a Pisces loves to be a subject of the Capricorn who loves to dominate. Hence at this ground there never arises a fight! 

Capricorn and Pisces compatibility tips: 

A Pisces and Capricorn relationship is very interesting. If both make equal efforts to utilize their differences then the relation turns out to be extremely warm and romantic. A Piscean is highly creative to bring an added spice in life by keeping small notes in the wallet, surprise gifts and candle light dinners to keep up the romance between them.

The Capricorn is extrovert and silently enjoys without appreciating the efforts. This hurts the Piscean who loves to gain attention and cuddled.  But the Capricorn is dutiful and makes the Pisces partner feel secure. 

Issues arise regarding the spendthrift nature of a Piscean because a Capricorn is calculative in nature. A Capricorn can be best looked after by a Piscean partner who is caring and sensitive. A Capricorn gives the Pisces strength to fight for oneself. The dominating personality of the Capricorn is accepted by a Pisces. But the moody nature of the Piscean is unpredictable. The Capricorn requires patience to handle the partner.  

This combination works out only when both have a high level of understanding and gives time to the relation. A balance between practical and reality, jovial and quietness, freedom and discipline would make the relationship complementary.  

Capricorn and Pisces Famous Couples: 

Some famous Pisces Capricorn couples are Alex Kingston, a Pisces and Ralph Fiennes, Capricorn. There are also examples of Charo, Pisces and Xavier Cugat, Capricorn; Henry Miller, Capricorn and Anais Nin, Pisces.

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