Capricorn and Aquarius Love Match Compatibility

Capricorn and Aquarius CompatibilityAquarius follows Capricorn in the zodiac wheel so they share a very interesting relationship. They are best when they complement each other but worst when they come into conflict. While a Capricorn is practical and careful, an Aquarius is creative and moody. The sense of independence of an Aquarius will attract a Capricorn initially but at times might be too much for a Capricorn individual to handle and mayend up dominating. Hence this kind of a relationship might need some amount of compromises at times.

A Capricorn is ambitious in nature and reserved in nature. This is often neutralized by an Aquarius partner who is outgoing and loves to socialize thereby tries to bridge the gap and bond family ties. There might be surprise long drives, picnics or ice-cream treats if the Capricorn is willing to participate. An Aquarius is adventurous so before it gets harmful the Capricorn partner is always there who is cautious and conventional. In a relationship it is the Aquarius who is more romantic and brings in the enthusiasm in life.   

Since their traits are remarkably contrasting, the success of the relation depends on the level of understanding. If both tries to fulfill the other’s need with a smiling face without grudging then the relation would become compatible. Living with a Capricorn, an Aquarius learns to be practical and stable instead of dreaming castles in the air. The Capricorn begins to be experimental and humorous thus developing true feelings of love.

Their love relationship is therefore filled with warmth and respect because of their attempts to understand each other and overcome the differences. Due to such attempts, there is display of physical affection which turns out to be thrilling and imaginative. Over all there is a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary in the relation.  

Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility tips: 

Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility tips are highly contrasting in nature. That is why the success of the relation requires lot of understanding and compromises too. In order to avoid the conflict they need to balance between chaos and order, freedom and control. 

An Aquarius is dreamy and looks at the world from one’s own perspective. The Capricorn thus handles this nature by being practical and making the convincing the partner in short and simple words. The life of a Capricorn becomes monotonous because of systematic routine. This can be broken only by an Aquarius partner who is fun filled, adventurous and extrovert.  

The Capricorn is silent and introvert and the Aquarius helps the other to speak out, especially during problems or depressions. The jovial nature of an Aquarius helps to keep up ties with friends and family. The Capricorn on the other hand is responsible and never fails the small duties of the house thereby making the home organized and filled with subtle affection.

The sense of freedom of an Aquarius must be handled carefully instead of being dominating which may affect the relation adversely. Finally both must give time to each other to make the most out of their relation. 

Capricorn and Aquarius Famous Couples: 

Famous couples: Ernest Borgnine (Aquarius) and Ethel Merman (Capricorn); and Jane Seymour (Aquarius) and James Keach (Capricorn)

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