Cancer Man and Taurus Woman

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman CompatibilityCancer man and Taurus woman is a perfect love match where both of them are strongly bonded by sensitivity and emotions. You can say that this is a pair made in heaven where both cancer man and Taurus woman live in their own world, without caring about the external factors. For them their relationship is the ultimate source of love and passion and the world hardly matters to them. Their relationship is a perfect amalgamation of Earth and water where the stubbornness of Taurus woman is pacified by temperamental Cancer man.

A Cancer man is cautious, caring and tenacious person, who lives in realistic world. He is a practical dreamer who works hard to achieve them with perseverance and safety. Being homely in nature, he loves to stay in his shell quietly and comfortably. He is very sensitive and compassionate in nature, but sometimes when the situation becomes uncontrollable he turns moody and goes on fault finding exercise. 

Same way a Taurus female is also cool, calm and composed in her demeanour. She also believes in the practical aspects of life and when gets irritated to an extent her emotional outbursts are tough to handle. She loves the strength and caring nature of cancer male which she finds very trustworthy.  Sometimes she becomes over possessive about him when he turns out to be over attached to his home. Their relationship starts with faithfulness and love and becomes stronger breeding on devotion and passion between the two.

Since, they are signs of Earth and water, sexually also they make a perfect blend like these two elements of nature. Within the confines of bedroom walls they love to pamper each other with all the steadfastness and warmth. Both of them share healthy sex life which is overflowing with intense devotion and fondness for each other. There are hardly any misconceptions or tiffs between the two. Even if they think of fighting due to stubborn nature of Taurus woman, the Cancer man cools her with his undying charming attitude. The compatibility of Cancer men and Taurus women needs perfect communication to turn into an everlasting relationship.

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