Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman CompatibilityCancer and Scorpio – there is no blending of fire or air as both are water signs. Since they both are water signs, they get along really well with each other. Love is a serious affair for both of them. They take commitment and relationships seriously. They both have the capability to build a strong relationship and walk a long distance together. Sex is great between the two of them. Their sex life is full of passion and creativity. At the end of the day, they both are sexually satisfied and can never get bored of each other.

A Cancer man is chivalrous and considerate who has a sharp mind and a great sense of humour. He laughs like nobody is seeing him and he has the power to make people around him laugh out even louder at his sense of humour. He gets pessimistic at times which is depressing. He is very cautious in getting too close to people. He takes his own sweet time to get close and cosy. He thinks hundred times, analyses the situation and then act upon it.

He is fun as a lover as he knows how to be creative on bed. He will make you do everything to make sex and the relationship great for you. An added advantage is that he loves pampering his love interest. He is a sophisticated man with dignity and will treat you with the same which attracts the Scorpio woman. He hates wasting money and appreciates a woman who saves.  

A Scorpio woman is confident and can attract any man in this world with her charms. She is seductive and irresistible. When she is in a relationship with a Cancer man, she provides him with all the love and affection – both physically and emotionally. She is possessive like the Cancer man. Probably, they should chuck the idea of flirting in front of each other.

Cancer man and Scorpio woman have a flowery and blooming relationship, but all they need to work on is understanding and faith. Scorpio woman can be suspicious at times and the Cancer man is an arcade of mood swings. The key here is communication. Despite of the meagre differences, they are a match made in heaven – full of love, respect and lust. The compatibility of Cancer men and Scorpio women is one of its kinds.

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