Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman CompatibilityWater and Fire, when blended well make a confusing combo. As far as compatibility of Cancer man and Sagittarius woman is concerned, there are high chances of falling deeply in love and being happy in their relationship only if they accept each other the way they are. They can learn important lessons of life from each other but for that, they need strength in their love. Love is so powerful that it can melt two enemies and make them best of friends. Here, Cancer men and Sagittarius women need a lot of strength in their love.

A Cancer man is compassionate and highly ambitious. He never harms anybody with intent. He is cautious of getting too close to people as he does not like the fact that he might get hurt some day. He can be secretive at times and likes to hide in his shell when something goes wrong. Best way to cure it is leaving him alone in his own sweet space. He is highly determined and loves earning money but knows how to save it and where to spend it.

When he falls in love with a Sagittarius woman, he has the ability to leave everything for her to get her attention. He adores her loving nature and loves to participate in all the activities she indulges in. He loves the fact that she is so adventurous and passionate about everything she does.  

A Sagittarius female is a highly independent woman with free thoughts. She is charming and outspoken in nature. She hates possessive people who dictate her in every step of her life. She does not think before doing anything as they are very adventurous and are also risk-takers. Whereas Cancer male looks at all the pros and cons before coming to a conclusion and deciding what needs to be done. When in relationship with a Cancer man, she makes him feel loved and wanted. She may be blunt sometimes which might hurt the sensitive water sign. Otherwise, she is fun to be with. 

When these two get close, they need to cross various hurdles in their relationship so as to make it work. To firm the problems, they both need to be persistent and deal responsibly with the varied assets they hold. As time passes by, he adores her for showing her mettle, and this aids them to inspire a lot of conviction in each other.

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