Cancer Man and Gemini Woman

Cancer Man and Gemini Woman CompatibilityThe compatibility between Cancer man and Gemini woman is quite stupefying and malevolent. The reason being the Cancer man is very emotional and practical in life, for him money is the prime part of life, while the Gemini woman lives in the world of imagination and extravagance. Thus it becomes a bit difficult to strike a balance between the two diverse characters. Cancer man is gallant, courteous and courageous in his mannerisms.

He understands the value of money in life and always tries to be alert and clever in his professional and personal matters. Cancer man wants to make his future secure and thus believes in investing and saving money. He treasures his past and loves sharing the past experiences with the Gemini woman.

On the other hand the Gemini woman is a multifaceted lady, who has dual personality. She loves to spend money and believes in all the worldly pleasures of life. Rather you can say that she is a big spendthrift, saving money is not her cup of tea. She is just like a shooting star in a perfect moonlit night, and the Cancer man loves watching that shooting star.

As already told that she loves adventure and always on the hunt for excitement in life as she wants to explore the whole world. This sometimes makes her drift apart from Cancer man. Cancer man feels ignored when he does not get the desired attention in life and this can be one of the reasons for major fight between the two. 

Gemini woman’s mood swings make her unpredictable and moody, which is sometimes uncontrollable and detested by Cancer man. But it is the Cancer man who takes the initiative to cool her and keeping aside his ego comforts her with all his compassion and devotion. This makes their relationship once again dazzling and rocking relationship.

Their sexual compatibility is amazing as the Gemini woman always wants to explore new avenues and wants to experiment and the Cancer man being very compassionate tries to get all the satisfaction by satisfying her in the sexual encounters. The compatibility of Cancer male and Gemini female can make an aspiring relationship if both of them show some patience and acclimatize with each other’s mannerisms.

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