Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman CompatibilityEver heard of the saying “opposites attract”. Cancer man and Capricorn woman is a live example of the same. An amalgamation of Water and Earth, this one is a deadly combo. They can work wonders if they are ready to compromise. Though they admire each other due to the opposite qualities they possess. After all, everything that is new to us attracts us. They have high chances of learning a lot from each other.

A Cancer man is very loving and caring. He is imaginative and also very determined to get what he aims in his life. He wants his woman to be traditional and sensitive towards him. He is clever and highly charming that no girl can resist his charms. When he is in a relationship with a Capricorn woman, he fulfils all her demands and wishes and makes her feel satisfied and loved. He gives her love and warmth that she cannot resist. But the mood swings of a Cancer man is a NO-NO for a Capricorn woman as she cannot tolerate non-sense.  

A Capricorn woman is practical and has wise opinions towards everything. She can be cruel sometimes and tries to project herself as if she is made of stone. But she can be generous at times. She is unpredictable. Sometimes, she will be as charming as a marsh mellow and the next time you see her she will be bitter and icy. Her cold attitude does not go well with a Cancer man. 

Problems arise in every relationship, but this one – there are too many. These two signs are opposite and can be a threat to life too. It will take a lot of time to figure out each other as Capricorn seems to be highly adamant and blunt sometimes. Cancer being a very sensitive sign does not forget things that were said to him, especially the cruel ones. Talking about the compatibility of Cancer man and Capricorn woman, the female is not sensitive and sometimes rigid, which can make the Cancer man sad.  

She likes to flirt around and Cancer man being very possessive may object which will leave Capricorn woman aloof. She loves her independence and Cancer being a sensitive man, she might not appreciate his shy nature. To have a better and long lasting relationship, the water sign should try to regulate the regularity of his never-ending mood swings and Capricorn women should try to be more sensitive towards the Cancer men.

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