Cancer Man and Aries Woman

Aries Woman and Cancer Man CompatibilityWhen fire and water come together in a romantic relationship, there is an equal distribution of burns and peacefulness. Aries being a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign; both will have a perfect story only with understanding and love. Aries are always high on impulsiveness and is open when it comes to sharing what they feel whereas Cancer tends to be aloof till they start feeling comfortable in others company. Cancer usually takes time to get close and express them. When it comes to the compatibility of Cancer male and Aries female, then the Aries being highly impatient may not like Cancer’s slow pace in moving forward in a relationship.

A cancer man is a shy sheep who does not care what others are doing. He loves making money and his family is his first priority. He is hard working and can be Bill Gates if he puts in some more hard work. When Cancer falls in love with an Aries woman – he loves the fact that she is so completely passionate about him. He is loyal and faithful in a relationship. Aries loves the fact that he will stick around even in the bad times which makes this combination a promising one.  

Cancer is highly sensitive and gets offended by small issues of life. Aries being careless in nature does not think before speaking, which can hurt the sentiments of a Cancer Man. Sex is great for the two lovebirds as they enjoy being each other. Cancer being highly creative on bed and Aries having a sex drive makes this one a great pair. They can never get bored of each other. They have the ability to create sparks in their relationship. 

An Aries woman makes the Cancer man feel masculine and strong which is well appreciated by Cancer men. Though the secretive nature of a Cancer man can leave an Aries woman clueless sometimes and hurt her. Cancer men are like Prince Charming to an Aries woman as she adores him and his ways. Money is always an issue between these two as Cancer men love to save and she splurges like an actress. They can create miracles in a relationship if they have a good blend of communication, love and understanding. However, the compatibility between Cancer man and Aries woman can be great.

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