Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman CompatibilityAmalgamation of Water and Air is challenging. Cancer Man and Aquarius woman are an odd couple in terms of astrology. The Cancer man likes the relationship to be committed and personal whereas Aquarius woman wants to shout out their love story to the world. A Cancer man is someone you can depend on who has a strong intellect and also, he is very determined.

He dreams big and has the ability to achieve his dreams with his hard-work and determination. He always looks for a partner who resembles the traits of his mother as he is very attached to his mother. When a Cancer man falls in love with an Aquarius woman, he relishes her warm and friendly nature. He provides her with love, security and happiness.

An Aquarius woman is very transparent in nature. There are no two-faced personalities. She is diplomatic and is not cruel when making an approach. She does not reveal her compassionate nature easily as she takes time to open up. When she is in a relationship with a Cancer man, she loves the way he dreams and fulfils each of his dreams with his determination.  

She is not too sympathetic which leaves the Cancer man feeling unwanted and insecure. This may create problems between the two. But of course, problems can be sorted with love and care. Both of them love seeing dreams and fulfilling them which makes them highly compatible. They will always live in a dreamy world that they have created together with love and care. 

Cancer man is sensitive which makes it difficult for him to forget the past and move on. This becomes a difficulty in the relationship. As far as compatibility of Cancer men and Aquarius women is concerned, the Aquarius female will try her best to get the Cancer male out of that circle.

They attract each other like magnets and will be very happy with each other as they have a strong communication link between them. Though, Aquarius woman’s keen interest to explore new things might be a bane for his cautious nature. He might feel sad or jealous with this act of hers. But he loves her spontaneity and adores her for the way she is.

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