Cancer and Scorpio Love Match Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio CompatibilityThe combination of Scorpio and Cancer is considered to be one of the most well matched pairs. Both are water signs and hence make an excellent duo. Both of them are extremely emotional and passionate people. They take relationships very seriously and involve themselves with immense intensity and love. This is said to be a very lucky pair, as a Scorpio and Cancer couple are very understanding and giving.

They are very romantic and live life with a lot of love. Scorpios are passionate lovers and Cancers are serious with their love. Hence they have a very intense and rich love life. They are extremely committed to each other and are interested in long term relationships. Cancers are known for their intuitive and possessive qualities. Their loyalty towards their partners works extremely well with Scorpios who are equally faithful, sincere and possessive.

These two zodiac signs are always attracted to each other. Two people of such signs always gel very well with each other. They could be friends, siblings or lovers. Their companionship is extremely well bonded and they are rarely seen apart. They like to spend time with each other. Scorpios love to travel. They are very adventurous and excellent travelers and this often does not work well with Cancers who are essentially quiet people and love to sit back and relax.

However they are very attached to each other and adjust very well according to the demands of their partners. It is often said that a Scorpio and Cancer are destined to meet each other. This simply emphasizes the magnetic pull that they have for each other due to the sun patterns of 5 and 9. Their sensitivity for each other makes them a unique couple.

Cancer and Scorpio-compatibility tips:

A Cancer and Scorpio couple is known to be the luckiest combinations because of their intense sensitivity and understanding. Cancer which is symbolized by a crab is a very quiet personality whereas a Scorpio, symbolized by a scorpion, has a dynamic personality.

Cancers are often attracted to Scorpios due to this trait but it us this very dynamic and controlling attitude which might lead to tension between them. Cancers need to understand Scorpios attitude of control is only meant for their well being and on the other hand Scorpios need to be more considerate towards their partners and loosen their stronghold.

Cancers on the other hand are an extremely possessive lot. They love to spend time with their partners rather than socializing with others. This can also lead some issues which can be solved with a little consideration from both sides as both these sighs are extremely compassionate and sensitive.

They must give each other some space on order to maintain a healthy relationship. These are the only two drawbacks which might lead to small troubling situations, otherwise they are considered to be star attractions and extremely lucky combinations. Both Scorpio and Cancer are very lucky for each other and make an excellent pair.

Cancer and Scorpio famous couples:

Some very famous Scorpio and Cancer couples are Prince Charles (Scorpio) and Lady Diana (Cancer), Harrison Ford (Cancer) and Calista Flockhart (Scorpio), Jessica Simpson (Cancer) and Nick Lachey (Scorpio)

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