Cancer and Sagittarius Love Match Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius CompatibilityCancer and Sagittarius as Zodiac have a multitude of personality differences. As Crab is more drawn towards his family as compared to the Sagittarius who prefers staying aloof, there can be a lot of clashes witnessed. The Archer wishes to go out, enjoy and explore the world, on the other hand the Crab wants to stay at home and enjoy the homely pleasure. Sagittarius requires flexibility, freedom whereas Cancerrequires stability as well as a sense of security. So the formation of such a love match is quite impractical. The feeling of being alone in Archer is just opposite to the intense emotions of deep and affectionate Crab.

Crab might not be able to understand the real philosophical realities of the world as the individual is more or less attached only to the people who are close. Well, these dissimilarities might seem clashing and contradictory, but these two sun signs can even complement each other.

For the same, both the individuals will have to take a step closer and understand each other in a better manner. Another issue that can be problematic for the relationship is the feeling of insecurity of Cancerian due to the freedom of an Archer. On the other hand, the Sagittarian can feel smothered by the interference and excessive attachment of the Crab. What acts as a plus point in the relationship is the forthright speech of the Sagittarian.

Sagittarius are straightforward as well as intellectual, whereas Cancerians are compassionate. As Sagittarius are blunt, their such attitude can hurt Crabs as they don’t understand the Crabs emotional feeling. Though they can always provide Cancerian with pleasure as well as ease because of their good humour and friendly nature. One thing they just don’t understand is Cancerians mood swings. Where Sagittarian has an interest in wandering, Cancerians love staying back at their place.

Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility tips:

The clashes between Cancer and Sagittarian can be minimized if they both try to understand each other’s nature. Mutual understanding can work wonders for both the sides. This love match can work out, if both make real efforts in a similar direction. They can make a good match only if they accept each other’s faults as well as appreciate their qualities.

Sagittarians should become little responsible towards their family and should dedicate more time towards the family matters. This will make Cancerian happy. At the same time, Cancerian should act little adventurous so that they can make their counterpart happy.

Determination to make the relationship work can prove valuable, though it is not that easy to work out Cancer and Sagittarius relation. Cancer should have to control their all time suspicious nature and should try to cooperate with the Sagittarian.

A Sagittarian can make the Crab feel a little insecure with the flirty nature but the Crab has to deal with the nature and trust partner. A Cancerian should rely on his partner and at the same time, a Sagittarian should also understand the insecurities of his partner. Mutual understanding can certainly make this match workable and can lead to a long and better life.  

Cancer and Sagittarius famous couples:

Frida Kahlo (Cancer) and Diego Rivera (Sagittarius); Mike Tyson (Cancer) and Robyn Givens (Sagittarius); Jean Cocteau (Cancer) and Jean Marais (Sagittarius); Edith Piaf (Sagittarius) and Marcel Cerdan (Cancer)

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