Cancer and Pisces Love Match Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces CompatibilityA Cancer and Pisces romantic relationship is based on an instant connection and feelings of genuine love. This cosmic match is most compatible as both partners are sensitive and emotionally perceptive. They are able to accept the other as they are, even while not understanding them completely. The somewhat naïve, idealistic Piscean is always haggard to the nurturing Cancerian, who represents the promise of support and security. The Cancer-bornon the other hand receives much confidence and self-assurance from the faith that their partner places in them. Thus, this couple will be extremely comfortable in their relationship, as both are getting what they desire most from their partner – acceptance and emotional support.

Cancerians and Pisceans are good in bed, with both relishing the physical aspects of love in its spiritual and emotional dimension. Their quarrels are few and feeble, with most ending in the typical ‘kiss and make up’ scenario that leads to sex. Another thing that draws the partners in this Cancer with Pisces liaison is that both share similar interests and can easily appreciate the recreational pursuits of the other. The enjoy observing the delights of performing arts and thus can spend much time together, completely content in each other’s company. 

While the Piscean is a dreamer, the Cancerian is an innovative worker. Therefore, any work that they try to finish together will have extraordinary results. Where the couple runs into problems is when their deep emotional bond becomes too tight and they begin drowning in an abyss of oversensitivity.

Either of the partners may slip into depression over the small glitches in their relationship, wherein even love and support won’t do the trick. However, without such complications, it is easily deducible that Cancer with Pisces forms a beautiful couple that is truly in love.  

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility Tips: 

For the Cancer and Pisces couple, there are just few aspects of the relationship that require attention. Both Cancerians and Pisceans are somewhat private individuals and though connect with their partner, still are unable to share everything. There is still part of their personality that is unknown to the other. The problem occurs when either wants to delve to deep into the other’s mind and soul and be part of just about every emotion. This leads to a feeling of resentment and further alienation, thus causing a rift between the two.

Also, since there is level of comfort so high for this couple, they must ensure that their relationship does not become stagnant over time. While no doubt, the deep spiritual connection is to be valued, their bond should grow beyond the realms of emotional union – they need to keep diversifying the essence of their relationship, possibly by indulging in activities both enjoy, spicing up their love life and so on.

However, for this couple, there is a likelihood that obstructions in their romance will not be of the nature that either partner creates or can resolve, but sue to the influences of outside sources and varied circumstances.  

Cancer And Pisces Famous Couples: 

Some celebrity couples with a Cancer and Pisces match is: Johnny Cash (Pisces) and June Carter Cash (Cancer), Holly Hunter (Pisces) and Janusz Kaminski (Cancer), David Thewlis (Pisces) and Anna Friel (Cancer), Gary Sinise (Pisces) and Moira Harris (Cancer), Liz Taylor (Pisces) and Michael Todd (Cancer), Kurt Cobain (Pisces) and Courtney Love (Cancer) 

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