Cancer and Leo Love Match Compatibility

Cancer and Leo CompatibilityCancer, the water sign has a very exciting relationship with Leo, the fire sign. Their relationship is filled with fun and excitement. Both of them are acutely romantic and look for enduring relationships. A Leo and Cancer come one after the other in the zodiac wheel and hence have a lot of common qualities and attributes. Both of them like to shower their love on each other, and believein giving little symbols of love to one another now and then. Cancer is extremely patient, while a Leo is not hence the former takes up the responsibility of keeping the relationship cordial and comfortable. A Leo on the other hand loves public display of affection. Unlike Cancer, it is extremely outgoing and adventurous.

Leo is responsible for keeping up the excitement in the relationship. Holidays and special occasions are the peak time of their relationship. Both are extremely romantic and innovative, hence they put in their level best to surprise the other with special arrangements to show their love and keep the romantic spark alive. The love life of a Leo and Cancer is full of physical and emotional intimacy.

They like to cuddle and snuggle with each other all the time. Their relationship is filled with passionate kisses and love-making. Both these signs are sincere in their life, and it is reflected in their relationship as well. They love to spend time with each other. Leos like to show off their intimacy with flamboyance, whereas Cancers are more reclusive and shy, and like to share private moments in seclusion.

They love giving gifts to each other, which symbolizes their love and also shows their extreme affection for each other. The gifts could be simple little mementos to extravagant options. They are one pair that are full of surprises and they are always eager to sweep each other off their feet.

Cancer and Leo compatibility tips:

A Cancer and Leo are from the opposite signs in the astrological chart. While Cancer is a water sign, a Leo is a fire sign. Hence their relationship is bound to be filled with minor conflicts now and then. A Cancer is a little insecure and paranoid about itself. It needs reassurance and a sense of security from time to time.

A Leo can be arrogant and rude at times which leaves the Cancer overwhelmed with inferiority complex. It might feel unworthy as well. Cancers are extremely sensitive and can be easily hurt by Leo’s disdainful attitude. Leos have the ability to lighten the mood of its partner but it will not welcome it as a regular affair.

Both these signs have different ways of fulfilling their need for attention and emotions. A Leo is extrovert and speaks out its mind openly, while a Cancer is shy and always seeks for Leo’s approval and assurance. Leos like to overspend, contrary to Cancer’s spendthrift attitude, and this conflict leads to unease between them.

These problems might go out of hand if the Leo does not check its arrogance. A Leo needs to be more attentive and caring towards Cancer’s need of security and company, whereas a Cancer needs to be patient with Leo, and give it enough time to build up the channel of comfort between them.

Cancer and Leo famous couples:

some couples: Some famous Cancer and Leo couples are Sylvester Stallone (Cancer) and Jennifer Flavin (Leo), Mary Louise Parker (Leo) and Billy Crudup (Cancer), Edward Norton (Leo) and Courtney Love (Cancer), and Emmanuelle Seigner (Cancer) and Roman Polanski (Leo).

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