Cancer and Aquarius Love Match Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius CompatibilityThe Cancer and Aquarius relationship is not particularly likely to be successful. Both partners have very distinct divergences in their basic personality and character traits, which leads to frequent disputes and discords. With both struggling to even understand, if not meet the other’s expectations, the future of such a liaison depend upon how much the two are willing to work upon it. While the Cancerian is sensitive, emotional anda family person, the Aquarian is generally detached, though friendly with most. The latter’s apparent lack of concern for other’s feelings is particularly hurtful to the Cancerian and only adds to their insecurity.

While there is high likelihood that there will be good sexual chemistry between a Cancerian and Aquarian, this is hardly sufficient to help them overcome their differences. The Cancerian desire to spend their time with their partner in the intimacy of their home is rarely met as the outgoing and sociable Aquarius prefers the company of more people. This often leads to arguments and fights that are further damaging to the course of the relationship. Meanwhile, the Aquarius born finds it very hard to keep with the Cancerian’s constant need for attention and adoration. 

If both the partners in the Cancer and Aquarius relationship focus their energies on a non-romantic project together, they will be very successful in their endeavour as they can work very well together. Their work abilities somewhat complement each other, but this is where their compatibility ends.

Beyond this, their relationship is mostly unsteady as both partners want different things from life. While the Cancerian wants a home, family and emotional security, the Aquarian is looking for freedom and space, and as little involvement as possible. Thus, it is a fair conclusion that for Cancer and Aquarius couple to survive, both partners have to work extra hard on their relationship.  

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility Tips: 

The Cancer and Aquarius couple has much to work upon. For the relationship to be a success, both partners need to accept that they are essentially diametrical opposed to one another in terms of their personality and behavioral tendencies. Having accepted this, they will have to ensure that they do not try to force change and learn to adjust to each other’s ways.

Also, the Cancerian and Aquarian must agree upon a certain degree of compromise that both will be able to make for their relationship to be a success, however, this brokered cooperation has to be balanced, with both sharing the burden of conciliation equally. 

In this relationship, it is necessary that the Aquarian refrain from trying to dominate the relationship, as it will only lead to the alienation of the vulnerable Caner-born. While the latter needs to be more open to the Aquarian’s adventurous streak and ambitious plans, the partner has to learn to be able to quell the insecurities of the Cancerian. Both the partners have to make a sincere effort to sustain a flow of communication, which will allow them to understand each other better, and lead to a strong, long lasting relationship.  

Cancer and Aquarius Famous Couples: 

Some celebrity couples with a Cancer and Aquarius match are: Natalie Wood (Cancer) and Robert Wagner (Aquarius), Sinclair Lewis (Aquarius) and Dorothy Thompson (Cancer), Axl Rose (Aquarius) and Stephanie Seymour (Cancer), Charles Lindbergh (Aquarius) and Anne Morrow (Cancer), Linda Ronstadt (Cancer) and Aaron Neville (Aquarius) 

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