Aries Man and Pisces Woman

Aries Man and Pisces Woman CompatibilityAries is a sign that has fire as its quintessential element. Fire reflects fury, energy, swiftness and temper…So does the Aries man. He is independent, strong, active, and adventurous and a born leader. He prefers not to abide by rules and behaviors laid down by others for him…he chooses his own. He is however; not very creative and a bit of a male chauvinist!

Quite different from the Aries man, the Pisces woman is soft, calm, emotional and peaceful. She is sensitive and imaginative and ruled by the element water. Creative by nature, the Pisces woman finds happiness and peace in nurturing and being nurtured. She is kind and warm and believes in understanding the mind of the other. She is also a helpful, caring giver.

The relationship between the two is an area of interest. Much as the saying “opposites attract” goes; the pair will reflect the same. The man being the perfect “masculine” and “possessive” partner would make the “feminine” and “loving” woman’s heart twitch! He would provide her with all she needs, all she wants given that she is submissive. The man wins her heart through his charming ways and keeps her on her toes.

It may be said that the relationship between the two is one that deserves great admiration for the togetherness and attraction between the two. Conflicts may arise when the arrogant and egoistic Aries hurts his Pisces girl with hurtful words and expressions. That is when she becomes lonely and upset and faces an emotional downfall. Problems may also occur when the independence seeking man feels restricted by the insecurities of the emotional girl.

Like all else, such a union would have its pros and cons. There can arise numerous pitfalls in the same, as the two are diametrically opposite, their emotional orientations different.

Hence, finding a middle ground would be a survival strategy to help them through times of turbulence. But as they say, “no risk no gain”. When there is not much to lose and only experience and maturity to gain, the two may go ahead with such an alliance!

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