Aries Man and Cancer woman

Aries Man and Cancer Woman CompatibilityWhen thrilling Aries come in touch with highly sensitive Cancer, a bizarre combination of water with fire offers warmth as well as gentleness in a relationship. At times the heat can soar up so at that time things need to be tackled with great care and this would make the relationship, one of a kind. An Aries man proffers security as well as protection to the Cancer woman.

The man is independent and at any time doesn’t need to be dictated, professionally or personally. Aries man is active and dislikes monotony in his life. Stimulating ideas as well as appreciating words are always welcomed when an Aries man is in a relationship with Cancer woman.

Possessive nature of Aries man gives an assurance and sense of security to Cancer woman who is emotional. The one thing which makes a cancer woman stick to the Aries man is the compassion and value of her feelings. A cancer woman has a tender feelings and she gets hurt easily, however it is her trust and loyalty which keeps her sailing through the ups and downs of relationship with the Aries man.

The relationship of an Aries man and Cancer woman can work wonders if the woman lets his man believe that he is the dominating partner. A cancer woman should always remember that an Aries man needs complete freedom. Many a times, cancer woman can find her Aries partner as cold an ignorant, but at the same time he is comforting and quite reassuring. The unusual ways of Aries man to love his partner keep up the spark. When in love these two are the most exciting couple anyone else could make as they are gracious and there is no other pair as strong as water with fire. The union of these souls is passionate and melts their emotions.

For an Aries man, intimacy in a relationship is a necessity, for the cancer woman, feeling of being loved is more important. Cancer woman and Aries man have the competency to form the best match of the world and they can make a dream castle together, full of love, passion, and affection.

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