Aries Man and Aries Woman

Aries Man and Aries Woman CompatibilityAries is a zodiac sign, which is ruled by love and energy. The heart of Aries is ruled by free spirit and it being the sign of Ram, is full of action. So, just imagine what will be in store when we bring two Aries together. There is some real nice chemistry between the Aries man and Aries woman as they both are adventurous and fun loving but sincethey are ego centric too so you can sometimes expect some great fireworks in the relation.

Nevertheless, you can never ignore the love and passion on which the relationship thrives and love is the most important ingredient of the Aries relationship. Since, the Aries sign has a character of not being over shadowed and they are free spirited and hence, it is very difficult to control them. Aries man love to rule the world and always want to be on the top and in the same way the smart and logical Aries woman love to dominate and always want to stand out in the crowd. This kind of egoistic character in both can lead to a self centred attitude instead of listening to what their partner needs.

The strong desire to excel in the Aries man as well as the Aries woman leads to a perfect relationship which has all the ingredients of successful relationship that is love, passion, energy and desire to make each other happy. But, the ego trips might lead to sudden fireworks and clashes amongst them. However, the love being the dominating factor, they do patch up within no time thus making their relation very compatible and fiery.

Regarding the sexual compatibility of Aries man and Aries woman, they are attracted towards each other as they spot the same avid lover and hot blood in each other. This is an apt love match in the sense that the Aries male loves to hunt and the Aries female is fond of being pursued. The problem arrives when both the souls are highly anxious and self- centred so they might turn a romantic dinner into a war field within a second. Thus, both the free spirits need to tame each other for a perfect relationship which survives long.

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