Aries and Cancer Love Match Compatibility

Aries and Cancer CompatibilitySpeaking of family values, both Arians and Cancer people are devoted and dedicated. However, a Cancer person is more devoted than an Arian is. However, one of the negative natures of a typical Arian and Cancer relationship is the possibility of suffocation resulting because of overbearing attitude of a Cancer person in matters related to family affairs. An Arian person may have all the required characters for preserving family

values, but he or she must have sufficient amount of freedom to live a life of satisfaction. On the other hand, a typical Cancer person will need affection, intimacy and dependence to lead a satisfactory family life. Hence, both Arians and Cancer people must ensure a sense of balance in their lives. On the extreme, an Arian may look very cold and impersonal at times while a Cancer person may look very sensitive and fragile if something goes horribly wrong.  

Hence, the longevity of relationship depends on how far both of them can adjust to each other’s needs and requirements. They must learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Cancer person can learn from Arians on how he or she can learn to be independent. In the same sense, an Arian can learn a lot of compassion and sensitivity from a Cancer person. To stabilize union, a Cancer must try not being too sensitive at things and events. Cancer people must how to be sportive and smiling to make the union a success.  

Arians are often very unstable and fickle minded which may not very well with Cancer people. In life Cancer people are very fragile and sensitive. Loose talks and insensitive dialogues may break the heart and soul of a Cancer person. Cancer person has the ability to fill an Arians life with lot of love and affection. A Cancer is an epitome of tolerance and sensitivity while an Arian is a down to earth type of person. Cancer has an apparent weakness when an Arian does not respond to love and affection; in fact, a Cancer person can be very jealous of someone who tries to steal his or her counterpart.  

An Aries woman is a go-getter type of person who would like to achieve the impossible. On the other hand, a typical Cancer man can be lazy at times and he would like to sit on a chair for a long time. Both Arians and Cancer should learn to adjust with each other by complementing on each other’s abilities.  Sufficient amounts of freedom and individuality can help them a lot in life.

Aries and Cancer compatibility tips:

Impulsiveness: Impulsiveness could be the bane of the relationship between an Arian and a Leo. Both Leos and Arians could be extremely impulsive in their attitude. Controlling this negative character may heal and repair any damage in the relationship.  

Sensitivity: Arian and Cancer in relationship are full of occasional contradictions especially in the sensitive nature aspect of the relationship. Extreme sensitivity in the relationship could prove to be a dangerous trend because it can hurt each other’s feelings.

Aries and Cancer famous couples:

Claire Danes (Aries) and Billy Crudup (Cancer) 

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