Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Woman and Aquarius Man CompatibilityThe relationship of Aquarius man and Scorpio woman is quite turbulent and full of ups and downs which make the whole combination rather very exciting and intense. If the Scorpio woman is wild and passionate, the Aquarius man is meticulous and truthful in his approach .This relation passes through a lot of turbulence as the Aquarius man is unpredictable and the Scorpio woman is very demanding and sentimental about her relationship.

Aquarius man is very steadfast and strong in his approach, but on the other hand he is a dreamer also who lives in a flight of fancy. He believes in autonomy that is he is self supporting and follows his dreams very diligently. Usually he is calm and composed but he is full if witty humour which is quite quality. He is an unconventional lover who treats his lady love with all the generosity and fulfils all her demands. Sometimes you can find him unpredictable due to his moody nature which is not quite common, because usually he is very generous and affectionate in his feelings.

A Scorpio woman has all the dignity of a poised woman and has a fascination aura which creates a captivating personality. She has that oomph factor which she knows how to flaunt so that you can very well see heads turning whenever she passes by. The seductive daintiness and the alluring charm she possess are worth watching in a lady.

She knows that she is being sought after, but she falls for Aquarius man due to his simplicity. In log term there is suspicion and possessiveness from her side towards the Scorpio man which creates rift in their relationship.

Their mysterious relationship when progresses develop into an astoundingly beautiful relationship. They get so close that without speaking a word to each other they can read each other’s mind through eyes. When it comes to compatibility of Aquarius male and Scorpio female, their sexual intimacy is initially a bit superficial where she yearns for total involvement but the Aquarius man is up in the clouds.

But slowly they reach and explore new heights and become devoted lovers. Since they complement each other, this makes their relationship ticking all along. In order to make this relationship survive the Scorpio woman has to be with cool temperament and control her expectation level.

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