Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman

Pisces Woman and Aquarius Man CompatibilityIt’s basically the friendly nature of Aquarius and sophisticated nature of Pisces which makes their relationship on the rocks but the problem occurs when Pisces needs security and Aquarius seems to be detached. There would not be any single person left on earth whom he didn’t befriend. An Aquarius guy is a happy go lucky person who most of the time is preoccupied and even get distracted sometimes. It’s actually pondering the universal facts about the world that fills his brain. When he is in a relationship, loyalty and sincerity is what seen all the time from their side. He never lies to his partner and always held his head high after passing any judgment or a statement.

Pisces woman on the other hand is a complete woman with all the feminine charms and tricks. Her personality traits include a complex mix of emotions, sensitivity and vulnerability. She is a patient listener and always provides her lover with convincing answers to any argument which they have. An Aquarius guy can easily for a Pisces woman due to her feminine charms. Often he will feel to just take her in his arms and protect her from the bad outside world. With a Pisces woman any man, Including Aquarius man, whom is in a relation with her will be relax and get always aware of his own sexuality. 

A Pisces woman forms a bond as strong as a metallic bond with her Aquarius man as she needs a man who could take care of her and love her unconditionally which are the personality traits of his lover. The only problem that lies with her is that she sometimes become insecure and wants her man to be with her all the time which could make him uncomfortable.

The compatibility between Pisces female and an Aquarius male is not as frictionless as it seems. The so called innocent Pisces woman can irritate and set him off with his empathetic disposition. She wants cozy and warm environment around her and he loves freedom and a moment of solitude sometime but if love within them is as much required than these flaws can be overcome.

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