Aquarius Man and Libra Woman

Libra Woman and Aquarius Man CompatibilityThe relationship between Aquarius man and Libra woman is the most reasonable and even partnership, the reason being that the Libra woman cherishes partnership than anything in this world and the Aquarius man follows friendship as a religion and values it more than any relationship.

The love compatibility between Aquarius man and Libra woman suggests passion, romance and warmth. Since both of them have many similarities there is smooth sailing in this relationship. Both are social or rather party animals, who love meeting people and enjoy making new friends.

The arrogance of Aquarius male is sometimes misunderstood, which is perseverance in disguise. For him achieving his goals and success is most important. He is always on the lookout for attaining total satisfaction and till the time he gets it he will keep on wandering to achieve fulfilment.

For him there is hardly any difference between love and friendship, he loves to cherish his friendship. If you befriend any Aquarius man this means you have got one for life time. He is stimulated by the charm and dynamic traits of Libra woman. Although he does not fall in love but there are many chances that his friendship might turn into an everlasting loving relationship.

On the other hand the Libra female is full of innate beauty which is reflected from her soul too. She carries a mesmerising smile which makes many heads turn and the beauty which radiates from her body is truly astounding. For her the comforts and the pleasures of life are necessary requirements.

She loves to create a serene relationship where she does not mind being controlled by her partner. This is equally reciprocated by the Aquarius man who adores and showers all his love on her. Aquarius man makes their life full of adorable dreams and colourful rainbow.

This makes their love life alive and pure. He admires her natural beauty and elegance and she appreciates the inborn intellect he possesses. Since their relationship is a pious bond where the two Air signs mingle with each other, it makes their sexual encounters very satisfying and comforting. They are true masters of the art of love making, as they create envious intimacy and excitement when they make love to each other.

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