Aquarius Man and Leo Woman

Leo Woman and Aquarius Man CompatibilityAn Aquarius man is the most lovable of all; whoever he meets gets charmed by him. Instantly that person becomes the next in his list of numerous pals. Practically there is no one left whom he won’t like. So naturally he too might end up being with a Leo woman who loves attention especially when it comes from men. He (Aquarius man) would be having no problem while wooing her but one thing which he must take care of is her vanity. It’s actually a problem of every Leo either man or woman.

They become helpless when it comes to their own tantrums. He must be very careful while talking to her because actually he is talking to her ego, if it all ends well then time to party…!!! Otherwise consider the ‘Game’ over. She cannot tolerate the sabotage of her respect from anyone even including her lover. He on the other side is not so conscious about his own social status rather he runs away from those 3 letter word (Ego) but that does not mean he is not cautious about his self-respect, if it ever comes to that he cannot have control over his scathing tongue.

When it comes to the compatibility of Aquarius male and Leo female, the women doesn’t have a dearth of male attention so the men can suffer competitions from other men’s. She loves to dominate every where even if it means dominating her relationship but she might not get a chance while being with an Aquarius man.

A Leo woman is not stingy but extravagant with money so she can suffer financial crisis at some stage as she may spend lots of her expenses in home décor, furniture, gifts for friends or on herself but one thing which her lover is going to get is a well furnished home and an elegant well dressed woman. An Aquarius man is also extravagant with money, hence giving company to a Leo woman.

Both are going to be wonderful parents. While he emphasizes on the imaginations of his kids, she (Leo woman) would polish her kid’s analytical skills and fill them with impeccable manners. Both are opposite in nature… but hey “Opposites Attract” isn’t it.

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