Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man CompatibilityTo begin with, a Gemini woman is one who is longs for an adventurous and witty relationship. She is not interested in men who are rather less intelligent than her. She is attractive and quick witted and demands a lot from her man. She can keep him on his toes and is able to keep him from taking her from granted. She does not let her man get the better and softer and the more vulnerable side of her unless she is convinced he will remain faithful and will cause no harm to her.

In the beginning of a relationship she tries to understand if a man is worthy of her feelings and time. If yes, chances are that she would act enviously if she doubts him with another woman. She is a charming girl who keeps the relationship spiced up. On finding the right man, who would make the relationship unpredictable and thrilling, her search would end and she would be his till she is bored (if ever).

An Aquarius man on the contrary is calm and submissive and lets his imagination flow.  He is romantic, gentle, soft and is high on his spiritual quotient. This makes him an eligible lover. The problem with an Aquarius man lies in the fact that he can be too unrealistic and dreamy, leaving no scope for practicality. This may annoy his woman. 

The compatibility of Aquarius men and Gemini women is a very desirable one. Both share similar feelings and thoughts and can make each other think on the intellectual ground. They are able to keep each other happy and content as they are both smart, sociable and can perceive the world in a similar intelligent manner. The Aquarius man makes his Gemini woman feel good about her and boosts her self-esteem by making her aware of the capabilities she possesses. She in turn helps him explore his ideas further. 

The two make a strongly bonded and compatible pair as both the childish woman and the utopian man cater to each other fantasy lands. Problem can come in the form of conflict between changes versus stability, with the woman going for the former. Such obstacles can however be overcome through their love and friendship.

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