Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman CompatibilityAn Aquarius man is a thinker. He does not want any argument of any kind with respect to his world perceptions. He is sudden in approach and can be moody. He is extremely self motivated and dislikes his girl telling him the way about it. What he wants is for her to be obedient and thus not put his ideas to question. He is honest and will always speak the truth, come what may.

He would seldom speak anything less than the truth, and will do so in very futile and unimportant situations. That makes him reliable. He believes in himself and is proactive and alert by nature. He is not the type to cry over spilt milk, but the type who’d rather clean the mess already made! He is passionate in what he thinks is right and is a fountainhead. In spite of believing thoroughly in what he feels is “right”, he is warm and gentle and can be very attractive to his woman.

An Aquarius woman is quite like the man: independent in thought and speech. She can do the unanticipated and lives by “her own rules”. This makes her as self-sufficient as the man and she can thus live life being single. She is a stern and rigid believer of independence and does not prefer a partner who would not cater to the same.

She can be envious of her man’s female friends, but prefers to keep away from men with the green monster all the same.While both can prove to be ideal suitors for other zodiacs, the two would however, not be able to keep each other so happy with the relationship.

There would emerge arguments and clashes between them, as both would be impatient towards each other. In terms of compatibility of Aquarius male and Aquarius female, they would want their own voice to be louder and in the end, both would be exasperated as neither would allow the other to be louder than them. This would in turn lead to a passionless relationship, where they can prove to be close buddies but surely not lovers.

So, Aquarius man with Aquarius woman is not be a very worthy match.

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