Aquarius and Pisces Love Match Compatibility

Pisces and Aquarius CompatibilityLove at the initial stage always feels good. Aquarius and Pisces too will adore each other at the start. Pisces loves being around Aquarius whereas Pisces being a very empathetic person will always take Aquarius for a trip to a Dreamy land. Aquarius loves freedom and love exploring the world themselves.

Pisces is highly sensitive, tender and loveable. Aquarius looks for a person who does not interfere in their life. Aquarius tries to stay away from emotional attachment as they cannot see themselves getting emotionally involved. Aquarius and Pisces may become good friends but a relationship might not work for a long time.

Initially, love between them will be flowery and perfect. They will enjoy doing things together and walk hand in hand without a care in the world. But as season changes time to time, their love interest too will change. This combination may have clashes for smallest of things like Aquarius lives in a dreamy world and Pisces is practical. Their needs, desires and aspirations differ from each other.

Pisces needs a partner who is emotionally involved with them whereas Aquarius cannot stand romance and emotional attachment as they feel trapped when they are forced to behave in a certain way. This might hurt Pisces as they crave for love and care.

Together, they will have good and exciting times but as time passes by, they will start losing interest as they cannot be with each other for long. Once they realize the negative aspects of each other, they will drift apart. Pisces is very demanding which may be irritating for Aquarius. Aquarius is lost in their world most of the times; they might not care whether their partner is around or not. Aquarius wants freedom and expects their partner to enjoy the spirit of freedom too. Not a great match, after all!  

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility tips: 

Relationships are not easy to maintain. And this combination is not at all easy to handle. In the beginning, the relationship might be a perfect Twilight story. But slowly and gradually, it will show its true colours. This combination has to struggle a lot to keep the relationship alive.  

When Aquarius is upset, they detach from the whole world and hide in their shell. Whereas Pisces is an emotional and sensitive person, they would never leave their partners alone in this big bad world. They have one thing in common which might be an advantage for both of them. Aquarius and Pisces are unbiased and have positive outlook towards life. They do not judge people or things around them which makes them compatible. Astrologically, it is not a great match but with love and positivity, they can work on their relationship.

Aquarius needs to be practical in life and take their partner – Pisces, seriously. Considering that they are highly dreamy, it does not go well with Pisces. Aquarius should understand that Pisces needs some love and care. Even if it not in abundance, Aquarius should pamper Pisces as little efforts make them happy. Pisces should give Aquarius space and freedom. To top it up, they should go out on dates which will strengthen their relationship. 

Aquarius and Pisces Famous couple: 

Oprah Wynfrey (Aquarius) and  Steadman Graham (Pisces)

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