Zodiac Sign compatibility

Zodiac Sign CharacteristicsHave you ever wondered who your friends really are underneath the congenial smiles that they always manage to show whenever you meet them? Or did seeing your secretary talking down a caller on her phone vehemently the other day bother you? What about the strange way that the new guard sneers when he is supposed to smile?

There are two things that we should look out for when we choose the people who surround us in out daily activities. First of all, we need to make sure about their mental stability. Second, we have to find out whether their legitimate tendencies will make them reliable persons under pressure, in times of emergency and on any occasion when we might have to deal with them on a person-to-person basis.

Mental defects are practically taken care of by employment screening tests and previous employment records…practically, but not entirely. But since there is little chance for a psycho to actually manage to cheat his way through the elaborate system of personality checks that are given prior to employing people, it probably makes little sense to test anyone all over again.

What we should really be on the lookout for are personality quirks arising from the inborn tendencies that an individual acquired as a result of being born under a particular astrological birth sign.

Believe it or not, astrological readings can attain a degree of accuracy dependent on whether you supply sufficient data or not. And when an astrology reading is based on accurate facts and further combined with information that only a professional astrologer will know to ask for, you practically have the entire personality of a person, including; his possible reactions under pressure; the right way to make him follow orders cheerfully; things that could possibly irritate him or make him unsure about himself and similar data at your fingertips.

Once knowing what sort of temperament your employee has, it becomes easier for you to assign him to places in the organization that he won’t need to take a year to adjust to. That is because if it will take that long for anyone to adjust to a situation, he shouldn’t even be in it in the first place.

Zodiac signs compatibility is a good way finding out how to mix your people in the right way so as to make your business run most effectively and quickly. It is also for their own benefit as much as it is for yours. Making your employees aware of the effects that their birth date, their birth location and the planet-positions at the time of their birth possibly affected their personality will reveal to them their hidden tendencies. Tendencies that they will need to control, if ever.

Zodiac signs compatibility tests are also one good way of assuring yourself of the loyalty of your employees and business associates. Persons whose birth signs have been proven as incompatible with yours are the most likely ones to pull the rug from under you feet at the slightest sign that they perceive as threatening from you. As a rule, life in your office will be much better and your employees less paranoid if these incompatibility issues were to be resolved.

In fact, with the increasing awareness we have today about invisible influences in our lives, you would be a wise employer if you required all applicants to get their private readings from a good astrologer. This could become a decision-making tool in the HR department of your offices for hiring the right employees to work with the right people in the right capacities.

Zodiac signs compatibility readings will most probably become a job application assessment tool in the near future as companies see an increased need for concerting the efforts of everyone in a specific department of the business.

Choose your Zodiac Sign to compatible with:

Aries Compatibility and Love Match

Aries compatibility(Character: cardinal, fire, personal): Important Keyword: "I am" - It means that Arians like to be dominating over others and establish a tight control. Arians are very assertive and forceful in their nature.

By birth, all Arians are really assertive, bold, energetic, intelligent, smart, independent, highly egoistic, competitive, eager, headstrong, forward looking and leader-like. However, they can be intemperate at times, with occasional signs of violence, impatience, rashness and arrogance.


Cancer Compatibility and Love Match

Cancer compatibility(Character: cardinal, water, personal): Important Keyword: "I feel"- This sun sign is very intelligent and emotional that borders on subtle characters of expressions and passion.

A typical Cancer sign is highly protective of others, sensitive to issues and things, compassionate to fellow humans, tenacious, resourceful, and receptive to things and events, charming, resourceful and mysterious to others, and powerful and self contained in their nature. They can be great leaders


Capricorn Compatibility and Love Match

Capricorn compatibility(Character: cardinal, earth, universal): Keyword: "I use" - A typical Capricorn person can use the available opportunity to its maximum best. He or she is very quick to grab the chances that come along the way. They are very prudent and intelligent as well.

Responsibility, realism, patience, method, discipline, tradition, caution, convention, hard work, perseverance, self reliance and ambition are some of the noble characters of a Capricorn person. Other


Gemini Compatibility and Love Match

Gemini compatibility(Character: mutable, air, personal): Important Keyword: "I think" - This sign is an excellent sign that tries to be very versatile, thinking, independent, inquisitive and inventive. Persons belonging to this sign are very creative and mercurial.

A typical Gemini is a highly intellectual person, who could possess a number of other characters like inquisitiveness, intellectuality, whimsicalness, nimbleness, liveliness, action, curiosity, talkativeness, and exploration. However, they could be dual, double tongued,


Leo Compatibility and Love Match

Leo compatibility(Character: fixed, fire, social): Important Keyword: "I will". - These are the go-getter types of people, who are always confident and positive about their abilities to achieve things and duties.

A typical Leo is a creative and inventive person. He or she can be extremely dignified, personal, attentive, methodic, theatrical, dramatic, ambitious, independent, noble and magnetic in personal behaviors. Leo is also a fun loving, ardent, ambitious, affectionate, aristocratic and


Pisces Compatibility and Love Match

Pisces compatibility(Character: mutable, water, universal): Important Keyword: "I believe" - A typical Piscean is a firm believer of things, events and happenings. They believe in everything that is surrealistic, mythical, philosophical and altruistic.

The Pisces person is very compassionate and empathetic about others, highly imaginative, acutely sensitive, mystical and religious, spiritual, passive, dreaming, idealistic, inspiring, acceptable, fair, charitable, soulful, self sacrificing, artistic, god fearing and assisting individual. However, he or she


Sagittarius Compatibility and Love Match

Sagittarius compatibility(Character: mutable, fire, universal): Keyword: "I see" - A Sagittarian is a resourceful person, who can see beyond the ordinary and trifle. He or she is endowed with a unique character that can help them to look beyond things that is incomprehensible to other signs. They are very intuitive and inquisitive.

A typical Sagittarian is a freedom loving person, who always looks to remain free and agile. He or she


Scorpio Compatibility and Love Match

Scorpio compatibility(Character: fixed, water, social): Important Keyword: "I desire" - A typical Scorpio could be a passionate person who desires good things of life.

A typical Scorpion could be very passionate, secretive, and ultra powerful, cajoling, intense, magnetic, determined, purposeful, imaginative, insightful, deep, scheming, analytical, complex and resourceful. On the flipside, a typical Scorpio could be cunning, scheming, compulsive, suspicious, aggressive, jealous, and assertive. Selected professions for a Scorpio could be


Taurus Compatibility and Love Match

Taurus compatibility(Character: fixed, earth, personal): Important Keyword: "I have" - The person who belongs to this sign is possessive and rigid. He or she can be very confident to own a number of positive traits and they can proudly announce their possessions.

A typical Taurus person is very resourceful, thorough, methodic, loyal, patient, placid, sensual, possessive, cautious, solid, practical, commercial, stubborn, musical, very slow and principled. However, they can be at


Virgo Compatibility and Love Match

Virgo compatibility(Character: mutable, earth, social): Important Keyword: "I analyze" - A typical Virgo is a thinking person, who always tells that I can analyze and evaluate any type of situations.

The Virgo person is very practical, thinking, assertive, evaluative, analyzing, methodical, critical, methodical, efficient, industrious, self oriented, observing, smart, working and tolerant. He or she can also be pragmatic, modest, discreet, and active and alert in their constitution. On the negative


Libra Compatibility and Love Match

Libra compatibility(Character: cardinal, air, social): Important Keyword: "I balance" - A typical Libra is highly intuitive and calculative! He or she can be a very intelligent, witty, balanced and smart person with an innate ability and capacity to balance and weigh different views, perspectives and opinions.

In large, Libra can be highly co-operative, diplomatic, analytical, legal, unbiased, fair, balancing, partnership-leaned, refines and methodic. He or she can also be diplomatic, refined,


Aquarius Compatibility and Love Match

Aquarius compatibility(Character: fixed, air, universal): Important Keyword: "I know" - Being highly sophisticated and polished, it is a very easy task to a person, who is born under this sign. An Aquarian could be a complete person who possesses an encyclopedic memory and knowledge.

An Aquarian is very intellectual and intelligent. He or she is highly unconventional, detached from others, intelligent, smart, objective in mentality, individualistic in attitude, highly inventive and