Tarot in 2012

If you asked any number of Tarot readers to give you a reading about 2012 you would likely get a number of different answers.  That is because throwing a spread of cards is a subjective process; it is quite difficult to get an objective singular look at what will happen by trying to lay the cards out in a spread that tells the future.

However there are some traditional numbers and themes associated with the apocalyptic theme to do with 2012 and the 22 Trump Cards in the Minor Arcana.  These are the The Judgement Card X, The Hanged Man XII, The Tower XVII, The Moon XVIII, The Wheel of Fortune XX and The World XXI.

For the purposes of this article we will look at the tarot cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck as they are considered to have the most universal design of all the decks. It is also one of the most widely used of all of the fortune-telling decks in the world.

The Judgement Day Card X is very appropriate to meditate on for 2012 because it is quite literally a picture of the Apocalypse.  The imagery of the card depicts a giant angel spreading with fiery red wings blowing on a trumpet. The trumpet boasts the red cross of St. George favored by the Templar Knights and is a symbol of esoteric knowledge. The naked souls float in coffins begging for mercy. It is very much a depiction of the End of the World.

The Hanged Man XII is also a very important card when it comes to symbolizes  waiting. This Tarot card represents mankind’s anxiety and tensions what may happen in the future.  Some Tarot readers interpret this as “the Sun is upside down” because the man’s head has a halo. It means knowledge and light are somehow hidden from us for a while. It is a lynching on a the limbs of a Sacred tree and the crossed position of the legs, which look like the number 4, are interpreted by some to represent Satan.  However, some famous esoteric Tarot system designers like Alistair Crowley believed that this card depicted the Crucifixion of Christ and of course, the Biblical description of the Apocalypse is about the Second Coming of Christ. All of this year mankind will be waiting for bated breath to see if the prophecy that the world will end on September 12, 2012 will actually come true.

The Tower card XIII is almost completely self-explanatory. It symbolizes the destruction of the world. It is a card of redemption from above. Thunderbolts hit a man-made castle and people are pictured falling from its heights. During the 2001 Twin Towers incident on September 11th, this card was referred to a lot because of the smoke and fire depicted on the card.

The Moon card XVIII shows a moon drawn inside the sun. This card symbolizes insanity, dreams and obsession. It also symbolizes a Solar eclipse and there are going be many of them in 2012.  This card also depicts a Scorpion rising out of the river. Scorpions are symbolic of death but warrior planet Mars will be swinging in and out of this sign all year symbolizing strife and war.

The Word card XXI also makes reference to Biblical characters including the Bull, the Lion, King Solomon (who was one of the first magicians and prophets in the world according to the Bible) and an Eagle.  The woman rising within a laurel of leaves is said to be Isis who was a pre-Christian symbol for the earth itself. The card also symbolizes completion and rebirth implying that after all is said and one, a new beginning, whether real or metaphorical, will be the result by the end of 2012.

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