Love Tarot

………. “Do I go along well with my love?”
………. “Will I be happy in my marriage?”
………. “Will I able to marry my love?”

You may ask these common questions to a tarot reader to know more about your love life. Apart from reading your future, love tarot cards are also extremely useful, when you want to consult them about the

issues related to heart and love! When you want to consult a love-Tarot Cards reader to know about your love life, keep in your mind that, you have a tight grip over you intention and actions. Just remember that any wrong reading that you may encounter is a result of current path you might have been taking. If you find that you are not getting a good reading, then you may need to change the current path and attempt on something that is new and fresh.


Love tarot readings provided by a reader are an excellent way to get an idea on yourself and your love life. Whatever you get from those readings, make them to create a meaningful relationship with your spouse. The love tarot cards can indicate an idea about your strengths and weaknesses, which you can use to help develop a long-lasting relationship. If you feel that you are already on the path of success, then you can continue with your current behavior to reach your romantic goals and objectives. Keep your heart and mind open, so that you enter your love life in a highly successful way.

Love tarot readings are very meaningful and thrilling to read and understand. A suitable love tarot spread will help you find out more about your love life. Here are some tips on how you can shuffle and lay your tarot cards:

1. Take your cards and shuffle them completely. Cut the card deck in way that makes you comfortable and easy. Focus on your love question or problem.

2. Now, deal the first card on top of the deck, by placing it with its right side up on the tabletop. In technical jargon, this is the past card. This card will help you focus on the previous events and mode of your relationships; these issues may be influencing your current questions.

3. Now, take out the second card on top of the deck and keep it on the right side of the first card with its face up. This is known as the present card.

4. Deal the third card on top of the table surface and place on the right side of the second card. This card will be your future card. This card gives importance on your future love life and existing relationships.

5. It is the turn of the fourth card of the deck. You can place it just below all the other three cards. This card will be your advice card and it offers you suggestions on how you can proceed in your love life and find solutions to any problem.

6. Now, deal the last tarot card on the deck and place it on the right side of the advice card. This outcome card will give you an outcome for any current love and relationship. You can seek answers to your questions here.

The arrangement for this love tarot deck looks almost like an inverted pyramid minus its point. You can consult a good book to read into the real meanings for your card arrangement. Here are some classical love-tarot card spreads:

1. Cupid Arrow: This offers a six-card spread and it offers invaluable suggestions and advice on you, your romantic energy and vitality and future. Nevertheless, this spread provides answers for a solitary question.

2.  Relationship spread: You can use as many as fifteen love-tarot cards in a single spread. Each one of these cards denotes some specific meaning for a particular aspect of relationship.

3. Relationship Cross: This five-card spread provides you some answers on your relationship and its role between you and your spouse or love. This card denotes the querent, your spouse, and the past and present issues that are concerning your life.

Love tarot readings are immensely helpful to anyone who is interested in knowing more about their love life and how it will play a role in their life and for their future.

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