Did you wonder how a deck cards could possibly be helping predict your future? Have you wondered how tarot system works for you? Tarot is a topic that needs dedicated time for intensive study and research. Tarot is an efficient tool that provides you a rich repository of hidden truths. In addition, it is also a utility helps you access your heart and inner wisdom. As you begin to probe and explore the fundamentals of tarot cards, you will start discovering hidden patterns and paths in your life that will eventually help you know more about your future.

The history and tradition of tarot is very interesting and gripping! The earliest known records suggest us that playing cards was a big craze in Italy. Medieval Italians used to play cards almost like modern deck of cards. However, people introduced a new deck of cards that packed an extra twenty-two cards, and they called this separate deck as triumph; triumph had the ultimate power to take out the suited cards. Historians now believe that these extra set of cards were the significant precursors to the introduction of a new system called tarots.

Though tarot cards became a craze among people of the day as a tool of entertainment, people began to realize its importance in providing somewhat accurate divine truths and predictions. Scholars of the day also speculated that all those tarot cards contained secret and hidden symbols related to occult and divine knowledge. Occultists and fortunetellers started to improve the deck of tarot cards with a number of improvisations. Soon, the tarot started to gain immense fame as an authoritative divine knowledge throughout the continent of Europe.  In the year 1910, English publishers, Rider and Co created the first ever, systematic deck on tarot called Rider-Waite Tarot or just the Smith-Waite.

A deck of tarot cards is highly energetic and vibrant, which come from a number of sources like its history, image and graphics and thoughts/mind of people who put their efforts to create it. The energy is more like overall meaning of the card. It is very dynamic and possesses lot of momentum.

The ability of tarot cards to provide you accurate prediction and divination is rather unique and amazing! It can tell you many things about the present, while its uncanny ability to focus on past events and experiences to open up new possibilities, tarot is simply overwhelming. A simple deck of seventy-eight tarot cards can do many things for you with its capabilities and strengths. Here are some of the prominent features of tarot and its amazing deck of cards:

  • . It is a very good tool for exploring the mind of a person. . It is also a good tool to develop your personality . It helps you achieve knowledge about your mind and soul ? . It can be a very good tool of focus for self-meditation.  . . It acts as a utility for use in rituals . With tarot, you can find a number of choices and options . It can solve a number of problems for you . You can use tarot to reach your goals . It is also a wonderful tool for seeing into your past, the present and knowing the future. . You can have an access to your sub-conscious mind . It can help you get more mental power . It is a very feasible tool to know more about your ancestors and elders. . It can provide you immense energy and vitality to carry on with your daily activities . Tarot can enliven and energize your life with positive energy and vibes . Tarot can even help you tell gripping stories about  a number of themes . It can also help you predict someone's future as well. . It can help a seeker of truth to understand what dreams are all about and how one can create meaningful dreams.   

It is so wonderful to think about that heavenly deck of seventy-eight cards that can help a person in so many different ways! You can open up your inner perception and meaning of life with a set of tarot cards. Tarot is surreal and philosophical! It can help you understand the true meaning of life, happiness, sorrow and death! It can also help you know your own position in this mortal world.     

Understanding Tarot – The Swords

Understanding Tarot – The Swords

Arguably, the most standard of the representations from deck to deck in the Tarot, you can find Swords are in nearly every deck. For example, the suit of Cups can be represented as Bowls or Chalices in different decks; Pentacles can become Coins or Disks; and the Wands can become Staves or Rods.


Tarot in 2012

If you asked any number of Tarot readers to give you a reading about 2012 you would likely get a number of different answers.  That is because throwing a spread of cards is a subjective process; it is quite difficult to get an objective singular look at what will happen by trying to lay the cards out in a spread that tells


Love Tarot

………. “Do I go along well with my love?”
………. “Will I be happy in my marriage?”
………. “Will I able to marry my love?”

You may ask these common questions to a tarot reader to know more about your love life. Apart from reading your future, love tarot cards are also extremely useful, when you want to consult them about the


Tarot Cards

For more than six hundred years, Europeans have been using Tarot cards mainly for playing games and foreseeing someone else’s future. Apart from telling fortune, Europeans attempted to preserve the ancient heritage of those mysterious cards. These cards represent an ancient tradition and an age-old custom of an ancient Europe. The real story of tarot cards is a big mystery. In all


How to Read Tarot

Learning to read and understand tarot cards could be a difficult task for someone, who is just trying to read them with their own efforts. Nevertheless, the topic of how to read tarot cards will be very easy for you, when you follow a number of simple and established methods. Tarot could be an interesting and exciting field of study, as you will