Where Will I Find my Clarity

where will i find my clarityDustin from USA send us question via http://psychicreadings.horoscopes-love.eu. We ask Oranum Psychic "Lynda Spirit Medium" Here is the answer:

Question: I am confused Where I am heading with my life. I\'m working hard to be successful but I am missing something in my life. Is it a partner? Where can I fond them? Are they near do I have to wait?

Answer: Blessings of the day to you.  Thank you for your request for a one-question email reading.  I will be glad to look into things with Spirit and let you know what I am being shown.

You have stated that your birthday is June 6, 1993.  You are from New Jersey.  These facts are important for me to note just in case a loved one steps in.  Validation is from info that I do not know. I am a psychic medium.  This means that I can see/hear spirits as well as look into questions/situations as a psychic.  Spirit shows or impresses upon me imagery that I see with my third eye.  Validation is important to know that there is a connection before I continue in the reading.  Loved ones come in with months, numbers, and imagery that is important in the family to tell you "who they are."

Your questions are pertaining to your life path and the possible relationship.  In an email reading, I am only to focus on one question.  Since I work closely with spirits, I let them choose and guide to what is the situation needing the focus at present.

Dustin, I am being told that you are one the right path at this moment.  You have not "missed" anything or took a wrong turn.  Sometimes we do get on these little "rabbit trails" and get off what we are suppose to be focused on.  In your case, this is not true. The "confusion" or the "Am I missing something?" feeling is because you are starting a new period in your life.  Something has ended, and you have began a new "chapter".  This could possible be a transition from learning to work, a change of residence, a change in relationships (just to name a few examples). You have learned whatever lesson there was to learn.  The big one I hear is TRUST.  There has been some situations that have happened which caused you to look at relationships differently and to better understand your position and understanding on your ethics/beliefs. When I am referring to relationships, these could be family, friends, co-workers, community, and/or romantic. You are starting a new "chapter" in your life and the relationships around you have changed. It is okay to look back and see the TRUTH and keep that understanding of what was learned.  However, you are applying it to the relationships now and future. Blessings, Lynda. Get your readings. Register for free: click here.

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