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Close FriendsChan from Germany send us this question via We ask Oranum Psychic "Sensei". Here is the answer.

Question: I met her last semester, and I was immediately drawn to her in a big brother/little sister type of way. Over time, we grew closer as we got to know each other and I soon began developing deep feelings for her. I was led to believe that it was mutual from the way we acted towards each other but I acted with caution as I knew that she is still hung up on her ex. We often beat around the bush about our feelings towards each other, but here and there we did confirm it.

In this new semester, she is now doing something that is taking up a lot of her time. We talked about us and she said that she liked me a lot but now she has to focus on herself.

I guess the right thing to do is to let her go and to let her figure herself out, but at the same time I do not, because I do feel that we are spiritually connected in some way or form, such as past lives. Can you confirm this? What is the best way to react to ensure the best outcome for us?

Answer: HI Chan, thank you very much for your very deep and detailed letter. I'm running for you the relationship reading and I use also my energy reading to provide you the most accurate reading possible. PLease also understand that the level of the accuracy depeds on the level of connection that we etabilished.

The email reading so far is less accurate then a live reading in ORANUM however I was meditating a lot but still i need your cooperation.

The reading consist on nine cards, the frist three are for you. You got the ten of pentacles, the four of pentacles and the ace of pentacles. When the 10 of pentacles speaks he says :

We have built the foundation upon which our future will flourish. With our base firmly established, we reap the good things in life and enjoy our families, our culture, and our traditions. Life has settled into a comfortable pattern on which we rely for happiness and security. and this indicates me that we are triggered by estabilishment, now this is your main focus, the other card, on the same suit came before and are not really relevant. Aout her we got the high priestess , the four of cups and the hermit. she is really a wise person, now is trying to isolate herself to do the things in the right way, so defenitely you can give her a trust.

The spread of the cards indicates that relationships have been a source of concern over the past months, perhaps not in ways that even your close friends would fully understand. However, there are indications here that these concerns are due to fade, and the next 14 to 18 months offer much happier and smoother prospects. The three cards that i got for your future are the lovers and 8 of rods anthe nine of pentacles.

Yes he is without any doubs your soulmate myfriend, for the presence of the lovers. When the Lovers speaks it says : We are spiritual partners above all things. We have chosen our associations outside of time and space and have contracted to meet and teach each other what we need to learn during our lives on earth. We have shared many lifetimes and have meant many things to each other. Our connection is mutual, but not exclusive. There are many with whom we have bonded over the aeons of our existence, and we remain ever mindful of this truth. Above all that, we are aware of our connection to the entire universe. Our spirits are inextricably linked and intertwined with all beings, for we all carry the spark of the Divine with us. Outside the trappings of our physical forms and cultural conventions, we are equal in the highest, and richest sense of the word.

Also we have the eight of rods, that can indicate a posible travelling for you two., and also when the eight of wands speaks it says : The winds have changed. The news came as a whisper in the night. Now is the time for me to make the leap, for success will be mine if I act quickly. And finally we have the nine of pentacles and it speask says: I live the life of gentility and graciousness. I enjoy refinement in beauty, art and culture. I seek the high road in all my dealings and avoid what is base and offensive. Just as I have trained my falcon companion to heed my call, so have I harnessed all that is wild and dark within myself. I live my life with tactful restraint and discipline. I rely on my own resources to provide me with the things I want and need and, indeed, I am truly blessed with the good life.

So overall it means that you need to have some patience but you are defenitely soulmate my sweet friends and moreover please find below some importnat advice, You need to do three things:

A) Choose you desire : your lover that is returning, Be really vivid with this desire, imagine exactly how you want this to happen, when, use all your sense, see the context in which this is happening, hear the words he/she is telling you, imagine his/her touch, imagine your sensation that you will feel

B) Faith, you need to have faith in yourself, first of all, forgive yourself about everything, and forgive him/her as well, have faith in yourself, thank yourself, when you wake up i the morning say thank you to the little yourself, say it in the mirror, and say aloud, this is going to be the most beautiful day of my life: you need to be sure that this is going to happen, put your heart upon it and the universe is going to do echo to your song full of joy.

C) Imagine when you received your desire, when your lover is back, how will be your life, what will you do together, how you will take care about him

D) You can use this system for anything you want, use all your 14 senses, the 7 you have on a physical level and the same seven you have on a astral level

E) In google please find this book for free : The power of your subconscious mind pdf of Murphy, write exactly this and you will get the free pdf

F) In amazon or in any online shop or in the shop next to your house please buy the carnelian stone, the stone of the magician, the eye’s cat, the stone of the wheel of fortune and the rose quartz , the rose of soulmate, with these three power stone always with you, your life will be set for the better. Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

And three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself, come into Sensei room and have the unique experience of the beginning of your path, and be one with your path. Namaste, Sensei. Get your readings. Register for free: click here.

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