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Where Will I Find my Clarity

where will i find my clarityDustin from USA send us question via We ask Oranum Psychic "Lynda Spirit Medium" Here is the answer:

Question: I am confused Where I am heading with my life. I\'m working hard to be successful but I am missing something in my life. Is it a partner? Where can I fond them? Are they near do I have to wait?


Close Friend

Close FriendsChan from Germany send us this question via We ask Oranum Psychic "Sensei". Here is the answer.

Question: I met her last semester, and I was immediately drawn to her in a big brother/little sister type of way. Over time, we grew closer as we got to know each other and I soon began developing deep feelings for her. I was led to believe that it was mutual from the way we acted towards each other but I acted with caution as I knew that she is still hung up on her ex. We often beat around the bush about our feelings towards each other, but here and there we did confirm it.