Venus in Virgo

Venus is generally considered to be a sign of expression and quite and extrovert when it comes to expressing feelings to their loved ones. Venus in Virgo individuals are well grounded and are not given to impractical discernment of action, people and behavior.

The main feature of the Venus in Virgo is that they are slightly introverts and are not very articulate in their feelings. Extremely shy and reserved, the Virgo that has the Venus in them is not very impulsive in their actions or in forming their relationships. Setting high standards for a potential partner as their love interest the Virgo which has the Venus in them is inconspicuous in any kind of initiative that they take in showing signs of love and affection to their partners and others basically because they are not very sure of themselves and are fearful of being rejected. They usually put up a very serious demeanor and do not express they love easily. They approach is quite serious especially with regards to the heart. Very strict and categorical about their likes and dislikes, the Virgo with in the Venus in them is extremely sure about what they want and what they don’t. The Virgo man with the Venus placed in the zodiac sign wants women who are very intelligent, thoughtful and well behaved. They are able analyze relationships very critically and are not given to behaving overtly in public. Some of the more common traits found in men and women include being a very sympathetic listener, and a huge willingness to help and they generosity is well known.

Both Venus and Virgo are linked with Earth, their expression of love is very earthly, natural and not highly emotional. With people who have Venus in Virgo placement they are usually very meticulous and careful in whatever they do.

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