Venus in the Signs

Venus in the signs provides information about how one expresses their emotions in their various relationships. Therefore they give an insight into matters such as love and marriage more than any other signs. Apart from love and marriages it also provides a certain insight into your attitude towards other aspects of your life like money, social values and your personal possessions. At the same time you will also be

able to find out any problems you may have in that area. By understanding the problem, one will be able to look towards a favorable solution to improve their lives.

Knowing more about Venus in the signs will help you to understand what all you love, how you love them and why. Venus in Aries usually makes those born under the sign to be drawn towards passionate moments. Unfortunately this can also lead to a lot of short lived love affairs and friendships too rather than long cherished ones. They may also not fully understand the concept of give and take in relationships. Venus in Taurus love to get engaged in crafts that demand a certain skill by hand. They also love sensual pleasures and move towards rich environments to pursue and build beauty. Those born under Venus in Gemini are very curious and seek similar people in their lives. They love being part of a big group and care for their friends.

Those with Venus in the Signs of Leo have a need to be admired by others. They demand a certain amount of attention from the people around them. They also attract people through their generosity, warmth and cheerfulness. Those with Venus in cancer often consider their friends to be a part of their family and are very warm and loving towards the various people in their lives. They look for beauty that resides in one’s heart rather than exterior appearance. Venus in Virgo makes those under the sign to constantly refine and improve the beauty that exists in their life. They are also very hands-on crafty and move towards mastering their artistic skills. Venus in Scorpio yearns and seeks intense relationships with others. They can also sometimes lose their way and become more engaged in the ensuing drama. By knowing about Venus in the signs, one will be able to better understand how they express themselves socially, romantically and artistically in their life.

Venus in the Signs of the Zodiac:

Venus in Aries
Venus in Taurus
Venus in Gemini
Venus in Cancer
Venus in Leo
Venus in Virgo
Venus in Libra
Venus in Scorpio
Venus in Sagittarius
Venus in Capricorn
Venus in Aquarius
Venus in Pisces

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