Venus in Taurus

The planet Venus is known to be the planet of expression of all kinds of emotions. The expression of emotion can be in relationships of all kinds that people on this planet Earth experience. The planet earth too is almost similar to that of Venus as they are quite close to each other in proximity as in distances. So the characteristics too are quite similar. For most people born with Venus in Taurus, it is a combination of the stable Earth and the romantic Venus as Taureans are more earthly and grounded in their thought.

The Taurean is quite romantically inclined yet their life is very practically defined and stability is their personality. They talk direct and have no qualms of voicing their opinions even if it means that it could be construed wrongly. Highly enterprising and hardworking, those born under the Taurus sign are known to undertake responsibilities and make all endeavors to fulfill them. Having accepted this aspect as the innate character of the Taurean, it should also be said they do not usually give up their sleep so easily and are great sleepers.  Usually very affable and social, the Taurean makes good company and treats all relationships with the due respect that it requires. Since Venus is the planet of emotions, it rules over Taurus who is more grounded. The sensual pleasure in life is highly welcome and is very well appreciated. Though they love to be indulged in, they can be highly authoritative when it comes to decision making.  

For people with Venus in Taurus, they love to have a partner who is very considerate but is not very indulgent. Being more independent in nature the Taurean does not like to depend too much on the partner yet would want the partner to show more love and affection.

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