Venus in Scorpio

It is said that Venus is the Earth’s sister-star and hence there is a close proximity between he two, a little over forty five degrees is what separates them. The Venus represents emotions and love existent in man and that’s the reason why Venus is the planet of the heart. The planet Venus has a huge impact on the way you perceive your love life and its planetary influence is very strong. With the Venus in Scorpio, the woman has a good and deep rooted hold on her man and is never willing to let go.

Scorpios are basically very intense and extreme in their emotions and they take time in mingling with people. The deep relationships that the Scorpio forms are forever but there is a slight incline toward using that relationship for their own benefit. The Venus in Scorpio is a wild combination of strong emotions mingles with an animalistic passion that can be very powerful in all respects. You may be loyal and loving to all your relationships but when you sense a kind of uselessness in the relationship, the Scorpio does not think twice about discarding it. When it’s Venus in Scorpio, the relationships are very strong and intimate. Financially the position of Venus in Scorpio has a great effect as there is security; financial planning which is very proper and right, and also it increases the flair for future financial security as in investments. And security is one factor that most Scorpios look for and cherish and in lacking this one quality, they can be quite wild and indifferent.

People with Venus in Scorpio give great importance to values like honesty and intimacy. Being interested in the mysteries that life offers, they are also very willing to explore and delve into, whether it is places, events or people and their feelings.

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