Venus in Sagittarius

Venus being the sign of love and affection, these two emotions is reflected very brightly in people when Venus is in their Zodiac signs. Being highly creative and a lover of artistic creation, Venus in Sagittarius people have a great inclination towards the arts of life and in the pleasures of life.

Some of the most commonly found characteristics in a person who has Venus in Sagittarius, is extremely social and friendly and a complete extrovert. The individuals with such placement usually have their own firm opinion and have no qualms in voicing them openly. It is very important for them to   enjoy and have fun .Their concept of love is something like that of a challenge and is more a gamble for them. With highly overt expressions of love they are very enterprising in taking the first lead in forming a relationship. Honest to the core, whether it is a man or a woman, they are extremely honest. They also   expect the same from their partner and others around them with whom they have a relationship. But there is another characteristic that most people who are Sagittarians who have Venus in their zodiac sign. They are not likely to be too involved the going gets tough. They just walk out of relationships as easily as they walked in if there are challenges to be met and problems get too large to handle. But as long as they are in love, they handle love very carefully; take pains to keep it going and highly idealistic and demanding towards their partners. They are very easily hurt when problems arise.   

With Venus in Sagittarius, life’s good for all who have it. You can expect a time full of fun and frolic and can be highly imaginative to the point of exaggeration. Regarding finances when Venus is in Sagittarius, money is seen as something that comes and goes and can be earned if needed.

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