Venus in Pisces

Venus reaches an exalted position astrologically when it is in Pisces. The Venus in Pisces being a very good position   brings out the best in Venus. Romance for them is very special and looks for it even in their day to day life. Their need to be needed is so great that in case they are disappointed they retreat into a shell of loneliness.

A person with the Venus in Pisces is usually very approachable and with a good database of friends and contacts they are extremely sociable too. This astrological placement creates people who are utterly compassionate and friendly. In fact, their network of contacts is their strongest support system on which they depend to a great extent. With Venus in Pisces, it is but natural that the emotion quotient is high so flirting is a natural phenomenon with the people with such astrological placements. They are indeed flirtatious but it can be at two extremes depending on the situation and the other basic characteristics of the person. And above all they rely on their intuition about the person with whom they flirt.  Some of the other basic traits that people with the Venus in Pisces exhibit are tenderness in behavior, highly demonstrative and sentimental and they need to feel that they are needed in a relationship. The individual who has the planet Venus in the zodiac sign Pisces, usually prefer women to be loyal to the partner and to the relationship. The woman needs to be sensitive and idealistic and they look for women who are empathetic too. They are very artistically inclined to music, poetry and performing arts.

Though the Venus in Pisces person is not so adventurous they tend to attract people who are.   The exalted position of the Venus in Pisces  has helped the people with the Venus in the zodiac sign of Pisces to engage themselves in a variety of careers and the range is so wide there there is an array of choices.

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