Venus in Libra

Generally the planet Venus is connected astrologically with the term “expression” and this includes the expression of love and emotions. And since Libra is ruled by Venus, the fondness to express their emotions is exalted in the Libran. So, naturally when Venus is in Libra, love is in the air and romance is in the hearts.

Librans are very confident and capable of oozing that confidence as they know themselves very well. The Libra person with Venus in them is very adaptable to any kind of situation and is able to overcome any difficult situation. They are slightly selfish in giving and this can frustrate the woman who is a partner to the Libra who has Venus in his sign. The only factor that mars the relationship is the when the Venus is in Libra, there is an air or feeling of uncertainty in the relationship. Though steadfast in relationships, the Libra man is not very sure of how to take the relationship forward and does not commit to the future or a long term relationship. Having accepted this though, they make all the efforts in getting the relationship to be as stable as possible when it is on. In general, harmony is the keyword for Librans who have Venus in their sign. Money is attraction with the Libran man who has this placement and this attracts him to a rich girl. They think money is something that is used basically to buy comfort and pleasure and will use it lavishly to buy them.

The Venus in Libra individual is very adjustable and can compromise for peace and calm in a relationship as they are greatly disturbed by any disagreements in a relationship. The Venus in Libra can be lazy at times and show signs of resentment. One quality that is seen in people with this placement is that though they look for stability in relationships, they can be quite indecisive.

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