Venus in Gemini

Venus being the planet of expression and demonstration of love and affection, it is but natural that the combination of Venus and the features of Gemini go well together. They complement each other in their articulation of love and go out of the way to express it. The Venus in Gemini persons is sure to be go- getters to win their love.

A flirtatious character is what makes a person with Venus in Gemini stand out. They indulge in a lot of small talk and enjoy it to a great extent. Meeting new people and increasing their friends circle is something that comes naturally to them. A party animal to some extent, people with the Venus in their zodiac sign Gemini very easily forms friends, and also just as easily forms relationships either by attracting the opposite sex or by being attracted by them. No limitations, boundaries or hindrances can restrict the people with this astrological placement and nor do they appreciate these restrictions. Even if the person is a lover who is trying to implement those restrictions it is quite sure that the person will be dumped by the partner with such a placement of the zodiac sign. The other qualities of the person with the Venus in Gemini appreciate women who are smart and intelligent though they are not very passionate about their feelings. They need to be given plenty of attention and quite unconcerned of others feelings but is interested in sharing just to get attentions sometimes. They need to be mentally stimulated to produce their best.  

The Venus in Gemini people is really interested in gossips and wants to know facts even if it does not concern them.  The Gemini individual is a good speaker and can keep up the interest in a crowd when speaking. Not very domesticated, but very few likes and dislikes the Gemini with Venus in them are quite happy with change which they welcome.

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