Venus in Capricorn

There is no doubt that the sign of Venus is that of expression and reflection of their emotional status. But when it comes to the person who has Venus in Capricorn, there is an attempt to hide the feeling and they are not so overt in exhibiting it.

One of the most obvious features in the character of a person who has Venus in Capricorn is that they are very cautious in every thing they do particularly in love. They want to be completely sure about the person they want to be involved with and know them well enough. Even before dating a person they usually try to know more about their partner for the date. They prefer being friends with the person before getting involved. Their flirting is so subtle that it never shows though they shower all the attention to their partner or friend with whoever they are with. They need to be fully confident about a relationship and about   the person before they actually commit to the relationship. They prefer women who are responsible and duty conscious. The man with the Venus in Capricorn position usually wants a mature woman who can be very socially conscious and is respected socially. Loyalty, responsible and honesty are some of the positive traits in people with such astrological placements. Though they usually hide their emotions to a great extent they never back out on showing it if it is required.  They are so confident about their feeling and have their emotions in control that they feel they don’t need to shout from the roof tops to declare their love.

Exhibition of profound feelings can be seen in abundance when the person who has the Venus in Capricorn decides to show it. Not being usually overt, they tend to go slightly overboard when they decide to do so.

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