Venus in Cancer

The planet of self expression and represents harmony Venus stands for appreciation of beauty and everything aesthetics and this is the hallmark of Venus. Venus is symbolic of beauty and harmonious relationships and above all security. The loss of this function can damage relationships among people if one of them has Venus in their zodiac sign. So, when it is Venus in Cancer then security takes prime importance and this extends beyond the personal relationships and the self.

The Venus in Cancer person is slightly obsessive about the relationships and the person with whom the relationship exists.  It is difficult to let go at times, being tenacious as the crab, the sign of Cancer. Mutual dependency almost to the point of mothering you partner and the need to be mothered too are some of the characteristics of a Cancer person who has Venus in them. Highly sentimental, very receptive and above all extremely emotional, you value your home and family and the entire member that make it up to a great extent. The Cancer woman who has Venus in them is usually charming and very loving. Her reserved and shy character inspires you to protect her. The Cancer man who has Venus in them is generally very understanding and a “dream man” for every woman as they are highly chivalrous and caring. But since both look for stability in relationships, any relationship that has Cancer as one  of the partners Zodiac with Venus in it is concerned about the comforts of the other and is more involved in their life. 

Since most relationships are initiated by the Venus in Cancer person, the individual looks to give rather than take but at the time wishes to be given too. In the case of money, the Cancer person possesses it in abundance usually, but will not be happy if asked for it or for any possessions too. But if you can inspire that idea of wanting something, it should be subtle and not blatantly ask for it. The Venus in Cancer person may not part with what you have asked.

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