Venus in Aquarius

Since Venus is a planet for expression of love and affection it is very doubtful whether that expression finds voice in a person who zodiac sign is Aquarius. It is only when the Venus is in Aquarius is this possible. So when it is Venus in Aquarius, it is more likely that such expressions find voice and reflection.

A very strikingly blatant trait for a person who has the Venus in Aquarius is the independent character. The individuals with such placements are very sure of their capabilities and cannot be pinned down so easily. They have a wide database of friends as they make friends quite fast and easily and their contact lists are usually never ending. Very sure of what needs to be said or done, their style and approach is usually very direct. They do not beat around the bush to express their opinion.  Women who are mysterious and intriguing yet sensitive are more preferred by the men who have Venus in their Aquarius. They consider women to be fragile and hence are very protective of their women irrespective of the kind of relationship they have. In every relationship that the person with the Venus in Aquarius placement has looks to be stimulated intellectually by the relationship.   They generally want a long term relationship though it is not so in most cases. They put down rules regarding the process of a relationship but are not likely to accept that from the other persons in the relationship.  Their independent nature does not allow them to carry on long term bindings so most relationships are short term.

Most people who have the Venus in Aquarius look out for companionship, both emotionally and intellectually.  There is a huge lot of contrasting ideas, behavioral patterns and thought process that the person experiences when the Venus is in Aquarius.

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