Uranus in Virgo

People having the transit of Uranus in Virgo have got a real inclination towards science. Having the ability to grow as businessman, their inherent liking to mechanical engineering may also get displayed in their business. But business will make them financially sound. Health matters usually remain a matter of concern for these individuals. Their relations with their employers are also not too good. Individuals having this combo of Uranus in Virgo may get into a public sector organisation or seek a government job such as hospitals, medicinal services or pollution board, as their other choices of work are in the area of health or environment related fields. Also, these people could be good at teaching and engineering can be another sought after stream for them. Their love for science may get displayed quite differently but they will be as much interested in a raw subject like history. 

These people are intellectually quite strong and quite inquisitive from within, but they don’t show that to the world. Mostly unconventional, they like to show originality in anything they are given to do. Naturopathic sciences too interest them and understanding & developing mind’s energies is another flair they possess. Gardening, at whatever size, comes as a must activity for them. Having good analytical skills, their interest may also develop towards research in some field or also in becoming a scientist.  

A unique characteristic about this union is that such individuals have a helping nature and financially assist many people around them. So care inherently resides in their behaviour. People having Uranus in Virgo remain stuck up in the misery of whether to adapt to latest advancements or stay natural. This may spend the whole life this way as their thoughts continue to swing between acceptance to newer trends and hanging on to the traditional thought process. 

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